Play Ball!



Baseball season opens in earnest today and with it comes the promise of another great, long season … pennant races … incredible individual efforts … petulant whining by millionaires … steroids … subpoenas … grand juries. 

OK, OK.  We won’t wax rhapsodic on the virtues of baseball, or make any comparisons to real life.  We will just offer instead some of our favorite baseball sound bites.  Hope your team this season fulfills all your hopes and dreams.

MP3: Take Me Out To The Ball Game – Bob Dylan

MP3: Who’s On First? – Abbott & Costello

MP3: The Ball Game – Sister Wynonna Carr

MP3: Narragansett Beer – Curt Gowdy

MP3: Hank Aaron’s 715th Home Run – Milo Hamilton

MP3: Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball? – Count Basie

MP3: Get The F**king Job Done – Lee Elia

MP3: Baseball, Baseball – Jane Morgan

MP3: Take Me Out To The Ball Game – Bruce Springstone


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