Review: Jackson Browne, “Solo Acoustic 2”


It would have been easy for Jackson Browne to put out an acoustic collection of his greatest hits. “Running on Empty,” “The Pretender,” “Here Come those Tears Again” and “Boulevard” would all sound great stripped down with just piano or guitar.  But Browne decided to go the other way and release lesser-known tracks (except for a couple) on Solo Acoustic 2. This 12-song collection has an intimate “coffeehouse” feel. Browne is so comfortable that he sounds like he could be in your living room strumming a few tunes after a great dinner. His excellent songwriting ability shines through on tracks like “Sky Blue and Black,” “Enough of the Night,” My Stunning Mystery Companion,” “Never Stop” and the Fast Times at Ridgemont High hit “Somebody’s Baby,” which sounds great with just piano and vocals.  

I remember many of the MTV “Unplugged” collections from the 90s being really boring. I don’t think many of the bands realized there was more to it than just strapping on an acoustic guitar and singing their songs the same old way. Guys like Jackson Browne know how to do the acoustic thing, and the proof is in this excellent collection.    

Jackson Browne’s official website

MP3: Somebody’s Baby

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