Review: Bobby Whitlock & CoCo Carmel – “Lovers”



Keyboardist Bobby Whitlock was hardly the biggest name in the legendary Derek and the Dominos, but he was probably the group’s mother lode of Southern soul.  That becomes evident on his latest, Lovers, the first studio album he has recorded since setting up shop in Austin, Texas, with wife and bandmate CoCo Carmel.  Whitlock’s voice resembles a rougher Michael McDonald and Carmel serves as the band saxophonist and background singer.  “Dice Of God,” “Best Days Of Our Lives” and the title tune are generous helpings of Dixie-fried, blue-eyed soul.  “Dear Veronica” is a stately ballad — a co-write with Eric Clapton originally slated for the Dominos’ second LP — that picks up steam thanks to a fluid guitar solo from guest picker Willie Nelson.  The pickin’ only gets better on the closer “Layla,” courtesy of Austin’s best guitarists: Stephen Bruton, Eric Johnson and David Grissom. This exciting cover version forever locks away Clapton’s unplugged lite-jazz remake — hopefully.  After a few listens, Lovers will grow on you.  This is what drivin’ around music used to sound like.



MP3: Layla



Bobby Whitlock and CoCo Carmel official website

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