Don’t Mess With Texas!

Surely you’ve heard that.  Any time a TV crew or New York City writer visits the Lone Star State you have to listen to them repeat that phrase.  And don’t get me started about coverage of sporting events, any time somebody has to play a team from Texas.  So they say that all the time: “Don’t Mess With Texas!” 

(Sidetracked: During the Texas primaries, many out-of-state reporters said this: “In Texas, they have a saying, ‘all hat and no cattle’ …”, using that to make reference to Hillary or Obama, or somebody.  Listen, folks, NOBODY in Texas says that.  Just those network TV types.  I think J.R. Ewing said it on “Dallas” once, and somebody in Hollywood came up with that.)

Anyhow, back to “Don’t Mess With Texas.”  For those of you not lucky (or unlucky) enough to be from Texas, or to have lived here for any amount of time, “Don’t Mess With Texas” isn’t a battle cry, it isn’t a statement of defiance from some idiot who is about to be killed in a battle.  It isn’t something associated with a sports team.

It’s an anti-littering campaign.  The state came up with it in 1986, and they’ve used the slogan to make Texans stop tossing beer cans and fast food flotsam out their car windows while doing 100 mph down one of our long, straight highways.  We try to keep our state nice and tidy for visitors, but we pretty much just kind of live with the campaign.  On the other hand, it’s not nearly as irritating as that “I Heart NY” thing.

However, over the years they have come up with some fairly entertaining commercials for the campaign.  The radio spots featured some of our legendary musical artists chippin’ in for the cause.  The TV spots were pretty good, too.

MP3: Radio Spot – The Fabulous Thunderbirds

MP3: Radio Spot – Jerry Jeff Walker

MP3: Radio Spot – Joe Ely

MP3: Radio Spot – Willie Nelson

MP3: Radio Spot – Texas Tornados

TV spot: Stevie Ray Vaughan

TV spot: Lyle Lovett

TV spot: Lee Ann Rimes

TV spot: If Your Girlfriend Was Texas

Don’t Mess With Texas official website


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