Rock Moment: John Fogerty, 1975

Blogkeeper’s Note: Occasionally we will feature “Rock Moments,” which are … hell, why lie?  They are just things we want to write about, and attach a few cool songs to.

For a short while, Creedence Clearwater Revival was one of the country’s top bands.  But after they broke up in 1972, John Fogerty stumbled with his first solo album.  Blue Ridge Rangers, from 1973, was interesting because Fogerty played all the instruments – but it was country, and very unexciting country at that.

That was when Fogerty’s fight with Fantasy Records – which issued all of Creedence’s albums – came to a head.  Fantasy had the rights for eight albums from Fogerty, but John wanted out because he felt the company was ripping him off.  David Geffen and Asylum Records stepped in and made a deal to allow Fogerty to record again.

The result, John Fogerty, came out in 1975 on Asylum and it was Fogerty’s triumphant return to rock and roll.  “Rockin’ All Over the World,” “The Wall” and “Almost Saturday Night” had the righteous ring of vintage Creedence, and although it had a few cover songs, it was a great album.  After that triumph, Fogerty went into hiding while he worked out his legal problems and wouldn’t surface again until 1985 with Centerfield.

MP3: Rockin’ All Over The World

MP3: Dream Song


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  1. As a correction to your statement of Ann & Nancy Wilson being Canadians,
    unfortunately, those of us from Canada cannot claim them as our own as
    they are most definitely born and bred Americans .

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