Happy Birthday, Willie!


If they ever made a Mount Rushmore of the greatest figures in American popular music, it would probably have Elvis, Sinatra, Dylan and Muddy Waters.  And the sculptor would have to make room for one more: the great Willie Nelson.

Willie is 75 years old today (we’re goin’ with the April 30 birthdate).  It’s hard to imagine anyone who has successfully dabbled in so many forms of music: he’s played country, rock, blues and reggae.  He recorded albums of standards long before anyone else, he’s been in movies and played just about every beer joint and football stadium in this country.  It’s almost easier to list the things he hasn’t done.  But please – don’t give him any ideas.

He just put out a four-CD box set with 100 of his best songs and it doesn’t even scratch the surface.  One day, we are going to wake up and Willie Nelson won’t be around any more.  And the world will be a much, much worse place.


Official Willie Nelson website

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