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Welcome to Hurricane Season

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The first day of June is the beginning of hurricane season, and once again most of us who live along the Texas Gulf Coast collectively say: “Who the hell cares?”

Oh, we realize this is serious business.  But it’s hard to take it too seriously, especially after the fiasco of Hurricane Rita in 2005.  The storm hit about 125 miles east of Houston but in the days leading up to landfall many residents of the nation’s fourth largest city jammed every highway out of town to create the biggest traffic jam and cluster fuck in this country’s history. 

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Friday Is Boss’ Day: Bruce’s Guest Shots

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Bruce Springsteen and Joe Ely, Houston 2008.  Photo courtesy of

It was certainly an electrifying moment during Bruce Springsteen’s recent Houston stop: Texas music legend Joe Ely stepped up to join Bruce in a rousing version of “All Just To Get To You.”  It wasn’t the first time Springsteen performed that song – he and Ely have performed it together frequently ever since 1995, when it first appeared on Ely’s Letter To Laredo with Springsteen on backing vocals.

Bruce has popped up on a handful of other artist’s recordings, playing guitar and singing duet or background vocals, and in many cases the song is one of the better tunes on that artist’s album.  So today we take a look at some of these … with a few notes.

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Lost Classics! ‘Wicked’ Pickett Does Disco … Or Not

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The artist who released A Funky Situation in 1979 was not a happy camper.  Through most of the 1960s, Wilson Pickett was THE MAN, cutting hits like “Land of 1,000 Dances,” “In the Midnight Hour,” “Mustang Sally” and many others.  But by this point in the late 1970s his career had taken a steep downturn.

When A Funky Situation came out “Wicked” Pickett had this to say: “We no longer make records like we feel. We have to make records according to what they will play on the radio. Anytime you’ve got artists singing songs, doing grooves that they don’t want to do, it’s terrible.”  The way you did “grooves” back then was disco.  Pickett’s new label wanted him to make a disco album.

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Review: “Ever Changing Times,” Steve Lukather

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Steve Lukather is the immensely talented guitarist and vocalist for the band TOTO (I can see the “who farted?” look now). Technically and sonically he is one of the best in the business and he’s also a pretty talented songwriter, penning a couple of the band’s biggest hits, “I Won’t Hold You Back,” and “I’ll Be over You.” He brings the rock, the funk, the ballad and Jesus to his latest solo effort, Ever Changing Times.


Luke brings out the heavy artillery on the title track, and “New World,” gets funky and religious on “Jammin’ with Jesus,” channels Steely Dan on “Icebound” and the “Hey Nineteen”-infected, “Stab in the Back,” gets together with former TOTO keyboardist Steve Porcaro on the excellent instrumental “The Truth,” and does the ballad thing on the catchy “Tell Me What You Want from Me” and “I Am.”


This collection rocks harder, and is a bit more melodic than recent TOTO studio efforts, and I highly recommend it.  After a couple of months of haggling, you can now download it on iTunes and it should be available in most stores June 3. Good news for all you Lukather fans who were thinking you were going to have pay in excess of $25 for the import. Patience is a virtue.



MP3: Jammin’ with Jesus


YouTube: Ever Changing Times


Steve Lukather Official Website


Check out our exclusive interview with TOTO lead singer Bobby Kimball.


Rock Moment: New Wave Hits The U.S.

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It’s kind of difficult to pinpoint exactly when punk turned into New Wave, circa 1978 or so.  When the Sex Pistols flamed out early that year, able bands like the Clash and the Ramones carried on with even more success. Two years earlier,  the Stiff Records label was born in England and that could be the genesis point for what was later to become New Wave music.

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Ozzfest Update!

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Tickets go on sale this weekend for the one-shot Ozzfest, to be Saturday, August 9, in Dallas’ sprawling Pizza Hut Park soccer stadium.  Headliners include Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Serj Tankian (System of a Down), Jonathan Davis (Korn) and In This Moment.  A couple of side stages will showcase other metal acts, including one band named Goatwhore.

Ozzfest tickets go on sale to the public on Saturday, May 31 at any Ticketmaster outlet or through Ticketmaster online. Ticket prices are $129.50 and $79.50 plus service fees (damn, they were free last year). Gates for Ozzfest will open at 9 a.m.  Personally, I think it’s worth at least $79.50 to see a band named Goatwhore.

Parking and stadium information can be found at Pizza Hut Park online. For up-to-the-minute details, visit the Ozzfest website.

MP3: “Nightmare” by Ozzy Osbourne (from Black Rain special tour edition)



Review: “Flavors of Entanglement,” Alanis Morissette

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Alanis Morissette burst on to the scene in 1995 with a lot of anger, spewing the “F” word and selling millions of Jagged Little Pill albums. Then she found enlightenment on her second album and the fans stopped coming. I guess not as many people wanted to hear a calm Alanis.


Good news. Alanis is pissed off, sad and hurt again and all of her emotions come out on her excellent new CD, Flavors of Entanglement.


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Review: Roots Rockers

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Don’t know if you are going to hit the road this summer, but if you do don’t forget to pack a radio.  That would be a cheap entertainment addition for any $4-a-gallon road trip and if you avoid Clear Channel-owned stations you might get lucky and hear some new stuff.  While exploring America, try and explore “Americana,” usually found on the left side of the FM radio dial. 

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Rock Moment: “Free Bird,” Lynyrd Skynyrd, 1976

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If you’ve ever been in a band you have probably encountered the jackass at the bar, who after a few beers, inevitably will yell out “play some Skynyrd.” Then after a few more drinks, he’ll scream “Free Bird” thinking it’s new and funny. When did all of this yelling out “Free Bird” nonsense start? I’m glad you asked.


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Lost Classics! Long John Baldry

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Once upon a time, there were places on the radio dial that you could go to hear things you had never heard before.  And sometimes, you’d never hear those things again.  FM radio, in the magic late 1960s and early 1970s, was a wonder.  Especially late at night, when DJs had utterly free rein in the music they played and the substances they consumed, legal or illegal.  Kinda like the audience.

Anyway, one of the amazing artists I first heard late at night on KLOL radio beaming out of Houston was the British blues belter Long John Baldry.  With a deep, smooth voice that could get rough as sandpaper when he wished, Baldry hit No. 1 in the U.K. in 1967 with a ditty called “Let The Heartaches Begin.”  He also played in a band called Bluesology with one Reginald Dwight on piano.  This pianist tried to commit suicide over some woman and Baldry – who was openly gay – talked the piano player out of marrying the woman.

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