Review: “Flying Upside Down,” Griffin House

Griffin House didn’t start playing the guitar until he was in college and his only experience singing was in a high school play. On his new folk/rock CD Flying Upside Down, he sounds like he’s been playing and singing his whole life because this is a great CD with infectious hooks and excellent instrumental arrangements. It’s the kind of music you can put on while you’re lying in a hammock in the backyard on a cool evening watching the kids and wife play.


House reminds me of Ryan Adams without the depression. He delves into love on the beautiful opening tune “Better than Love,” and the country-flavored “The Guy that Says Goodbye to You is Out of His Mind.” He talks about something every guy faces at one time or another when he tries going after the girl who is out of his league on “Let Me In,” and explores wars past and present from the point of view of a father or grandfather in “I Remember.” Other tunes like “When the Time is Right,” and “Good for You” are just excellent.


I first heard of Griffin House when Rolling Stone’s Anthony DeCurtis was talking about him on the “Bob Edwards Show” on XM Satellite Radio. This is another perfect example of how great music sometimes gets lost because it doesn’t fit into the format of mainstream radio. However, if you seek out good music, you will eventually come across talented acts like Griffin House who are recording some of the best music on the market today.



MP3: Better than Love


Griffin House Official Website


Griffin House MySpace Page



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