The National Beer Of Texas


Lone Star Beer – it’s a Texas thing.  Since the end of Prohibition, Texans have enjoyed this brew which shares the nickname of our state.   As long as I could remember, it tasted frankly like horse piss in a can.  For a long time it was brewed in San Antonio but in 1996 the company was bought out by Stroh Brewing of Detroit.  After that, you rarely saw Lone Star any more.

And it was too bad: Lone Star’s brewery in San Antonio was one of the greatest places in the world to visit.  They had exhibits featuring all kinds of exotic animals, a crazy walk-through wax museum depicting the history of Texas (complete with an Indian scalping some stupid settler) and a real cowboy bar where they gave you little cups of beer. 

Well in 1999 Lone Star was bought once again, by Pabst Brewing Co., which produces Pearl, another great Texas brand.  Since then Lone Star’s everywhere – and it doesn’t taste like horse piss any more.  Somewhere around the turn of this century I popped my first Lone Star in a long time. Ah!  I hadn’t had one of those since elementary school.  Lone Star comes in cans and comes in Light, but the best way to enjoy this fine beer is through the slender neck of an ice cold longneck (bottle).  Ah. 

So you see, we Texans love our beer.  Heck, we once almost went to war over beer.  There was this other beer, Dixie Blackened Voodoo Lager, that was brewed in Louisiana.  People in Texas thought it was evil and refused to sell it.  Louisiana retaliated by banning the sale of Lone Star.  I think they’re still a little mad over there.

We love Lone Star so much, we sing about it in our music.  Take a listen; I’ll just go sit down over there and pop a top. 

MP3: Lone Star Beer commercial by Two Tons of Steel

MP3: Lone Star Beer And Bob Wills Music by Red Steagall

MP3: What I Like About Texas by Jerry Jeff Walker and Gary P. Nunn

MP3: West Texas Holiday by Pat Green

MP3: Asshole From El Paso by Kinky Friedman

MP3: Amarillo Highway by Robert Earl Keen

MP3: Lone Star Hotel Café by Guy Clark

MP3: Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother by Jerry Jeff Walker

MP3: Goin’ Home To Texas by Ed Burleson

Lone Star Beer official website (You must be 21 or older to enter)




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