Review: “Stop, Drop and Roll,” The Foxboro Hot Tubs


By this time only your grandmother probably doesn’t know that the Foxboro Hot Tubs are really Green Day, taking a vacation from doing their faux-1970s punk rock thing by doing a faux-1960s punk rock thing.  Actually, Stop, Drop and Roll isn’t too bad, but anyone of a certain age (or anyone who listens regularly to “Little Steven’s Underground Garage”) has heard it all before.  The music here is basically in the style of 1960s garage rock and it’s all pretty peppy.  “Mother Mary” is a fine single, as is “The Pedestrian,” and “Pieces of Truth” actually has some decent British Invasion guitar.  “Alligator” recalls the Kinks, “Dark Side Of Night” has a flute swiped from the Mamas and the Papas, and so on.  I shouldn’t complain too hard – this has way more energy and craftsmanship than most releases by young rock bands these days.  Green Day released some of the songs as free downloads earlier, you can probably find these if you looked hard enough.  And the Foxboro Hot Tubs are playing tiny Emo’s in Austin this week (Thursday, May 22) … good luck getting in.  Ticket info at their website.

MP3: Mother Mary

MP3: The Pedestrian

The Foxboro Hot Tubs official website  

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