Review: “Flavors of Entanglement,” Alanis Morissette

Alanis Morissette burst on to the scene in 1995 with a lot of anger, spewing the “F” word and selling millions of Jagged Little Pill albums. Then she found enlightenment on her second album and the fans stopped coming. I guess not as many people wanted to hear a calm Alanis.


Good news. Alanis is pissed off, sad and hurt again and all of her emotions come out on her excellent new CD, Flavors of Entanglement.



Say what you want about her emotional state, the 33-year old Morissette has always been a great singer-songwriter. The way she belts her unique melodies always brings a freshness to her material, and she loves to paint a vivid picture with her words (remember “You Oughta Know?”). You can just see her sitting in a chair on a balcony, looking out at the ocean, wondering why someone has left her on three excellent melancholy tunes “Not as We,” “Torch” and “Tapes.” You can envision her driving up the coast after leaving everything behind in “Giggle Again for No Reason,” and looking into someone’s eyes telling them how she feels in “In Praise of the Vulnerable Man.”


The instrumentation and production here is great. The heavy use of synthesizer beefs up tracks like “Versions of Violence,” and the catchy first single “Underneath.” She dabbles a bit in Middle Eastern rhythms on “Citizen of the Planet,” and the infamous “F” word makes a return appearance on “Straitjacket.” If you buy the deluxe edition, you get five additional songs. No live tracks, no videos, but five brand new tracks (the best of which is “Madness”), which are more than worthy of being on the regular release, but probably didn’t fit for one reason or another.


Morissette’s last CD, So-Called Chaos, was really good, but this one is great. She is clearly at the top of her game. Here’s to her experiencing another bad break-up before her next album. The CD is set to be released June 10.


MP3: Madness


YouTube: Underneath


Alanis Morissette Official Website


One Response to “Review: “Flavors of Entanglement,” Alanis Morissette”

  1. jonbonjovious Says:

    I first became addicted to Alanis Morissette with “Jagged Little Pill”, now her seventh studio album, “Flavors of Entanglement” has me hooked again.

    Alanis’ song writing is superb on this album. I was impressed with the wit that conveyed such conflict. The lyrics weave such a vibrant picture and her voice just resounds the pain/triumphant.

    I was touched by the song “Moratorium”. It is a reflection of what we all struggle with, “do I give up”. It’s about moving on and accepting it’s okay to “die” so you can live again.

    The song, “Underneath” has the familiar rhythm Alanis’ music has had in the past and has us inside looking out with potent lyrics like: “Look at us break our bonds in this kitchen; Look at us rallying all our defenses; Look at us waging war in our bedroom; Look at us jumping ship in our dialogues.”

    Never before has Alanis Morissette created such a tribute to the emotions of humanity, our struggles within ourselves, our homes and our world.

    The music is a little bit of everything…hip hop to folk and pure Alanis.

    This album will put Alanis back on the charts with every song having the potential to stand on it’s own.

    It’s definately going to be one album you won’t replace in your cd player anytime soon!

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