Friday Is Boss’ Day: Bruce’s Guest Shots

Bruce Springsteen and Joe Ely, Houston 2008.  Photo courtesy of

It was certainly an electrifying moment during Bruce Springsteen’s recent Houston stop: Texas music legend Joe Ely stepped up to join Bruce in a rousing version of “All Just To Get To You.”  It wasn’t the first time Springsteen performed that song – he and Ely have performed it together frequently ever since 1995, when it first appeared on Ely’s Letter To Laredo with Springsteen on backing vocals.

Bruce has popped up on a handful of other artist’s recordings, playing guitar and singing duet or background vocals, and in many cases the song is one of the better tunes on that artist’s album.  So today we take a look at some of these … with a few notes.

“Until The Good Is Gone” is from Little Steven’s 1982 solo debut, Men Without Women.  Although he is not credited, Springsteen obviously sings backup on three songs.  “Broken Radio” is a duet with Jesse Malin from 2007; Springsteen also lent guitar and vocals to Malin’s “Wendy” single from 2004.

Elliott Murphy and John Prine have a fan in Springsteen, he duetted with Murphy in 1995 and sang backup for John Prine in 1991.  “Protection” for Donna Summer not only has Springsteen on backup vocals and guitar, he also wrote the song.  Mike Ness tapped Bruce to sing on his 1999 album Cheating At Solitaire.  Bruce played guitar and sang on Warren Zevon’s The Wind, recorded and released in 2003 just before Zevon’s death.

And the all-time grandaddy of Bruce guest shots is, of course, “Street Hassle,” from Lou Reed’s 1978 album of the same name.  This was Springsteen’s first guest appearance on another artist’s song – you have to listen closely because his spot comes near the end of the 11-minute opus.

MP3: “Until The Good Is Gone” by Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul

MP3: “Broken Radio” by Jesse Malin

MP3: “Take A Look At My Heart” by John Prine

MP3: “Everything I Do (Leads Me Back To You)” by Elliott Murphy

MP3: “Protection” by Donna Summer

MP3: “All Just To Get To You” by Joe Ely

MP3: “Misery Loves Company” by Mike Ness

MP3: “Disorder In The House” by Warren Zevon

MP3: “Street Hassle” by Lou Reed

One Response to “Friday Is Boss’ Day: Bruce’s Guest Shots”

  1. Jimmy The Exploder Says:

    Bruce also sang on Graham Parker’s song “Endless Night”, from “The Up Escalator” album (1980)

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