Welcome to Hurricane Season


The first day of June is the beginning of hurricane season, and once again most of us who live along the Texas Gulf Coast collectively say: “Who the hell cares?”

Oh, we realize this is serious business.  But it’s hard to take it too seriously, especially after the fiasco of Hurricane Rita in 2005.  The storm hit about 125 miles east of Houston but in the days leading up to landfall many residents of the nation’s fourth largest city jammed every highway out of town to create the biggest traffic jam and cluster fuck in this country’s history. 

We just kind of take it easy every summer, keeping at least one eye on those hysterical weathermen who start forecasting and “projecting” storms when they’re thousands of miles away.  Those guys are never right – maybe they should take notes from the political pollsters.

Anyway, have a happy hurricane season – it lasts until the end of November.  I realize if you live in the North, you already know that hurricanes can’t kill you as good as a blizzard.  And if you live in the West, hurricanes aren’t nearly as bad as those mean ol’ earthquakes.  And if you live in the White House, people swimming off their roofs, picking through the debris of their houses and living in the streets of New Orleans isn’t nearly as catastrophic as a gale warning off Kennebunkport.

So keep us in your thoughts this summer, and we’ll keep FEMA on the speed dial.

MP3: “Rock You Like A Hurricane” by the Scorpions 

MP3: “Blue Tarp Blues” by Sonny Landreth w/Mark Knopfler

MP3: “Hurricanes Carla and Esther” by Lightnin’ Hopkins

MP3: “Blowin’ Like A Bandit” by Asleep at the Wheel

MP3: “Texas Tornado” by Doug Sahm

MP3: “Texas Flood (live)” by Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble

MP3: “Orphan Of The Storm” by Mudcrutch

MP3: “Louisiana 1927” by Randy Newman

MP3: “Hurricane Party” by James McMurtry

MP3: “Lost And Found (live)” by The Kinks

MP3: “Like A Hurricane (Weld version)” by Neil Young

National Hurricane Center

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