Metal Alert: Free Judas Priest!

Heavy metal mavens Judas Priest are set to release their new double-disc album Nostradamus on June 17.  If you can’t wait to hear it, the entire album is streaming for free at VH-1’s The Leak

And if that free offer isn’t enough for you, the Priest is giving away tickets to their upcoming tour – fans who pick up a specially marked copy of Nostradamus will receive a free lawn ticket to select shows on the Metal Masters tour with Motorhead, Testament and Heaven and Hell (formerly Black Sabbath).  Supplies are limited, as they say, so go to the Judas Priest official website to find out how to get your freebie.

Nostradamus is a concept album telling the story of the 16th-century prophet and the apocalyptic predictions he made that eventually came true.  The album will be released June 17 in three formats: a regular 2-CD set, a limited-edition hardbound version with book, and a limited-edition deluxe box set with 3 vinyl LPs, two CDs, a book and a poster.

MP3: “Nostradamus”

Judas Priest official website

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