Lost Classics! David Blue

David Blue was part of the early 1960s Greenwich Village folk music scene that also gave fame to Phil Ochs, Tom Paxton, Eric Anderson and of course, Bob Dylan.  Blue originally moved to New York to become an actor, and he wound up making eight albums for Warner-Reprise and Elektra-Asylum between 1965 and 1976.

His sixth album Nice Baby and the Angel was released in 1973 and it is an all-star affair.  Produced by Graham Nash, the album features guitar work from Dave Mason (Traffic) and David Lindley (Jackson Browne), bass from Chris Ethridge (Flying Burrito Brothers) and drums by John Barbata (the Turtles, Jefferson Airplane).  Nash, Jennifer Warnes and Glenn Frey (the Eagles) lend backing vocals on a few songs.

Blue’s most famous song appears here: “Outlaw Man,” which was covered in 1973 by the Eagles for their dreary Desperado album.  Blue’s original is a faster, more rocking version, with slightly different lyrics and a tasty guitar lead from Dave Mason. 

David Blue never received the acclaim some of his colleagues did.  He died in 1982, while jogging through Washington Square Park in New York City.

MP3: “Outlaw Man”

MP3: “Darlin’ Jenny”

One Response to “Lost Classics! David Blue”

  1. gentlebear Says:

    Thanks for posting some David Blue. I love this guy and I feel like everybody forgot about him. Definitely a lost classic.

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