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Lost Classics! The Beach Boys

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10/21/08 UPDATE: Re-upped music with brand-spankin’ new divshare links. 

Just in time for summer, we have some “lost” Beach Boys for ya! The Beach Boys, like summer, always make people happy.  They could be singing about girls, surfing, dialing a telephone or vegetables; they never fail to bring a smile.

So … “Land Ahoy” opens our celebration today, it’s from 1962.  This song was dropped from the Beach Boys’ first album because they were able to lease “Surfin'” from the local Los Angeles record company that released it before the group signed with Capitol Records.

“With A Little Help From My Friends,” from 1967’s Wild Honey sessions, was one of the few attempts to cover a Beatles song.  “I Was Made To Love Her” here is longer than the Wild Honey album version because it has a “tag” at song’s end that was dropped before the album’s release.

“Good Vibrations” was Brian Wilson’ s greatest production and the Beach Boys’ biggest hit.  Brian experimented with up to 20 different mixes of the song and you have one version here.  “You’re Welcome” comes from the same era, it was the B-side of “Heroes and Villains.”  When the Boys covered Leadbelly’s “Cotton Fields” in 1970, Alan Jardine was reportedly dissatisfied with the Brian Wilson production eventually released as a single.  This is Al’s version, which is markedly different than Brian’s.

The Beach Boys recorded lots of radio spots to promote their concerts, the one here is from March 24, 1966.  And we wrap it up with a live medley from the same year, recorded in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

MP3: “Land Ahoy”

MP3: “With A Little Help From My Friends”

MP3: “I Was Made To Love Her”

MP3: “Good Vibrations” (alternate take)

MP3: “You’re Welcome”

MP3: “Cotton Fields” (alternate take) 

MP3: Radio Concert Promo

MP3: “Medley: Surfin’ Safari/Fun, Fun, Fun/Shut Down/Little Deuce Coupe/Surfin’ U.S.A.”

Lost Classics! Flying Burrito Brothers Part 2

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Thanks to everyone who has visited from Expecting Rain over the past few days, looking for the Flying Burrito Brothers.  We received a special request for more, and here you are – three more choice cuts from Close Up The Honky Tonks, the long-deleted album with “lost” Burrito cuts.

These three are with the late Gram Parsons singing lead, first on the Merle Haggard classic “Sing Me Back Home,” then on “Bony Moronie,” a cover originally cut for the 1970 album Burrito Deluxe.  Finally we have “Break My Mind,” a psychedelic country song recorded during Parsons’ last days with the band.

MP3: “Sing Me Back Home”

MP3: “Bony Moronie”

MP3: “Break My Mind”