Lost Classics! Boz Scaggs

Despite what you may have heard, William Royce Scaggs is not a native Texan, nor was he born with the nickname “Boz.”  He was born in Ohio but his traveling salesman father moved the family to Texas, where a school chum nicknamed him “Bosley.”  You see where it goes from there.

And where Boz went from there was to college, to blues bands, to London, and finally to the Steve Miller Band in the late 1960s.  After recording two albums with Miller (and a solo LP in 1965) Boz Scaggs set out on his own.  His self-titled album on Atlantic Records in 1969 featured the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section out of Alabama.

The absolute highlight of the album is “Loan Me A Dime,” a lazy-building blues that features some nifty guitar work from a kid who was not really born in Georgia – Duane “Skydog” Allman.  The song clocks in at 12 and a half minutes, but when you glide on that intoxicating, swirling guitar into the song’s climax the ride seems deliriously short.  You simply can’t listen to this just once.

MP3: “Loan Me A Dime”

Boz Scaggs official website

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