Review: “Never Say Never,” Ian McLagan & the Bump Band

Ian McLagan is the genius keyboardist who, with the late Ronnie Lane, was the heart and soul of the Faces.  McLagan is a full-time resident of Austin and he’s assembled a crack team of players in the Bump Band, which includes guitarist “Scrappy” Jud Newcomb and bassist Mark Andes (Spirit, Heart, Firefall).  Never Say Never is the band’s new album, and it features some of Mac’s finest songwriting and singing to date.  The title tune, which kicks off the album, sets the slightly somber mood.  The album’s highlight is “An Innocent Man,” a tender acoustic ballad about loneliness which Mac obviously sings from the heart – his wife, Kim, was killed in a car accident in 2006.  Mac was devastated, but he’s said his music has helped him get through.  And there are enough light moments on Never Say Never to show that it’s working.  “I’m Hot, You’re Cool,” is a pub rocker in the style of Faces, and “A Little Black Number” is something you could hear old bandmate Rod Stewart singing, if he and Mac were on good terms (they’re not).  “Killing Me With Love” sounds like a British music hall, and “Loverman” is a horny little rocker.  Unless you live in Texas or attend one of Mac’s great live shows, Never Say Never may be hard to find (try McLagan’s website) but it’s well worth seeking out.

MP3: “I’m Hot, You’re Cool”

MP3: “An Innocent Man”

Ian McLagan’s official website

Mac’s Pages (Bump Band info)


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