Lost Classics! The Hudson Brothers

Chances are if you remember the Hudson Brothers, you don’t remember anything good about these guys.  The trio out of Portland knocked around in the late 1960s and 1970s, recording for a number of labels including Elton John’s Rocket Records.  They hit the big time in the summer of 1974 when they became the stars of their own variety show, a summer stand-in for the then-popular “Sonny and Cher Show” on CBS.  They also scored their biggest pop hit with “So You Are A Star” that fall.

The Brothers then took their TV act to Saturday mornings, where their kids-only TV show played for about a season.  When that crashed, the teen idols went into the studio with Elton John lyricist Bernie Taupin and emerged with Ba-Fa, a beefier-than-usual album that nonetheless aimed squarely for teen pop listeners.  One of the songs, “Rendezvous,” wasn’t bad – written by Bruce Johnston (Beach Boys), it was power pop at its crunchiest.  And it just missed hitting the Top 20 in 1975.

But FM radio wouldn’t have anything to do with these guys, and before long the Hudsons were desperately trying to hang on in show business.  Within a year, they were all but forgotten.  Bill Hudson became involved in movie production and his company (co-owned with ex-wife Cindy Williams of “Laverne & Shirley”) produced the hit Father of the Bride movies.  Bill later married Goldie Hawn and is the father of Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson.  Mark Hudson stayed in music as a songwriter, he wrote “Living On The Edge” for Aerosmith and toured with Ringo Starr in 2005.  Brett Hudson, the “dreamy” one, now works in TV production.  For these washed-up teen idols, there are no plans for a reality TV series.  Thank god.

MP3: “Rendezvous”

9 Responses to “Lost Classics! The Hudson Brothers”

  1. 30daysout Says:

    We appreciate comments, and we certainly don’t mind (or care) if you want to point out inaccuracies in our material – but try and be civil. I got as far as “fuckin’ asshole” and just deleted your comment. We realize how much you love the Hudsons, especially Bill.


    youre research dept really dropped the ball on this one.
    Bill was married to Goldie before Cindy WIlliams
    Brett- the dreamy one is a successful film maker- his latest documentary The Seventh Python just won the Golden Ace award in Las Vegas

    And whats with the lead off- we wouldnt remember any thing good- just check out myspace and facebook and you will see tons of comments about what WE remember and ITS ALL GOOD

    Have a great day- and try not to be so negative- geez!!
    Try giving the Hudsons a lsten seriously they have some really great tunes

  3. i would be honored to say bill produced my music bill call me

  4. I’ve have to co-sign some of the replies above. No reason to be that sour. I get that you weren’t a fan – neither was I, except in a passive way in that they were on Saturday morning television when I happened to be tuning in. And Ginger was right about the chronology of the marriages. But c’mon, such ugliness?

  5. nothing good?! i ONLY remember good! these guys were and are awesome. brett works in television production and is a cancer survivor who took on the AMA, and mark has written 12 songs for aerosmith. i love the hudson brothers and i do not appreciate you dissing them.

  6. 30daysout Says:

    Their TV show was on in prime time for a month, then the next year they were on Saturday morning TV for a year. Their records deserved more success than they eventually gained and they’re remembered occasionally on internet backwaters like this one. You must have a dictionary with a completely different definition of “awesome.”

  7. i always loved the hudson brothers! they r very talented guys! i only remember the good things not the bad! they had quite a bit of good things going for them such as their music and i never understood y the radio wouldnt play their music! also they made me laugh like no other comedian has ever since! so quit bad mothing them!

  8. Chris Perez Says:

    I loved their show! So there…

  9. Miracleonthe Hudson Says:

    I remember Bill Hudson’s laughably inept foray into national politics. Originally from Portland, he decided to mount a primary challenge to then-Congressman (Now Senator) Ron Wyden (D-OR). Since he was married to Cindy Williams and everything, I guess this was enough political experience. So he came up back up here, ran around to a few political events, gave some contributions, and then slunk back into the night when The Power Structure stepped on his air hose. He actually accused Wyden of being out of touch from his district, when everyone knew Wyden was, by far, the most annoying member of the Oregon delegation when it came to staying in touch with constituents. So Many Press Releases, so little time. I think this would have been around 1988-92ish. I can’t remember. But Cindy Williams is, indeed, a doll.

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