Lost Classics! The “Chirping”Crickets

Way back in 1957, rock and roll was just getting to its feet and learning to walk – and swing.  Elvis had just begun to make an impact the year before, but it took four young men out of Lubbock, Texas, to set the pattern for much of what was yet to come.

Led by Buddy Holley (he would later drop the “e” in his last name), the Crickets were pioneers in many ways: they were the first to perform in the classic “rock and roll band” lineup – drums, bass, guitars, singer.  They were the first major group to write their own music.  And they were the first to employ record-label shenanigans – the Crickets (Niki Sullivan, Joe Mauldin and Jerry Allison) played on the album but the backing vocals were provided by an uncredited group, the Picks.

Nevertheless, The “Chirping” Crickets, when released in 1957, yielded a few hits, including the No. 1 “That’ll Be The Day.”  Two other songs, “Oh Boy!” and “Maybe Baby” also made the Top 20.  Also included was “Not Fade Away,” which would later be a hit for the Rolling Stones and a cover for just about everyone else.  The album was a moderate hit and proved to be rather influential, especially for a few teenagers in Liverpool, England, who named their own musical group in tribute to the Crickets.  Young John Lennon twisted the spelling a bit, though.  Clever lad.   

One wonders how the music would be different, had Buddy Holly not decided to take that fateful airplane flight in 1959.

MP3: “Oh Boy!”

MP3: “Not Fade Away”

MP3: “Maybe Baby”

MP3: “I’m Lookin’ For Someone To Love”

One Response to “Lost Classics! The “Chirping”Crickets”

  1. dkpresents Says:

    I hardly ever see anything in print about Buddy Holly & The Crickets.

    Thanks for a nice piece about a great band!

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