Diggin’ Up Some Dylan


Mark your calendars for October 7, which is the release date for Tell Tale Signs, a multi-disc set of unreleased Bob Dylan material from the last few decades.  Rarities, outtakes and alternate versions of songs from Oh Mercy (1989) through Modern Times (2006) appear on this set, the eighth installment of Dylan’s “Bootleg Series.”

And you can buy it in three configurations: a standard two-disc package with 27 songs, a “limited edition” set with a bonus disc containing 12 songs; and a four-LP vinyl version including all the elements of the two-CD set. 


Lest you think Dylan’s totally in it for the money, for a limited time you can go to his website and download a free MP3: “Dreamin’ Of You,” produced by Daniel Lanois and left off the Grammy-winning Time Out Of Mind (1997).  To get the download, you have to sign up for Bob’s e-mail list.  Don’t worry, it’s free.  Too bad you can’t also download a full-size Bob Dylan face, good for turning into a mask for scaring away trick-or-treaters.  

Just kiddin’ – I love ol’ Bob and I’m sure you do too.  The free download is pretty good and come October 7 it will be time for my boot heels to be wanderin’ … down to  the local record store for a copy of Tell Tale Signs.

Bob Dylan official website

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