Rock Star Sighting: Sheryl Crow

In 1994, I went to go see Crowded House and Sheryl Crow at the now-defunct Rockefeller’s West in Houston.  Crow had just released her monster first CD, Tuesday Night Music Club, featuring the breakout hit, “All I Wanna Do.”  She was hot, in more ways than one.  I remember a friend of mine saying to me; “Did you see Sheryl Crow’s mouth in the “All I Wanna Do” video?”  “Uh, yes I did,” I said.                           

Anyway, I was working for a radio station at the time, and one of the promotions people from  KLOL (located right down the hall from my station) asked if I wanted to go backstage and meet Crow after the show. “Absolutely,” I said. So, I asked my friend Robert and my brother, Jim to go back with me. Well, I don’t know if she was tired, unhappy or what, but Ms. Crow didn’t quite look as good as she did in her videos. However, she was nice, and everyone has an off day. As you can tell by the picture at the top of this post, she’s still got it going on….. Oh, did I mention, my wife was also at the show.

About 20 minutes later we get back and my wife asks “where were you?” I said with great excitement; “We went backstage to meet Sheryl Crow.” She said “What?” It was at this point that I could hear Fred Sanford whispering in my ear “you big dummy,” but I continued to dig the hole deeper and said “we went backstage to meet Sheryl Crow, and I didn’t think you would want to meet her.” Not a good move.

The lesson here is to always assume that your wife, husband or significant other will always want to meet the “star.”  I’m not sure what I was thinking, but some 15 years later, anytime my wife hears the name Sheryl Crow she says “it sure would have been nice to meet her.”

YouTube: “All I Wanna Do

Sheryl Crow Official Website

One Response to “Rock Star Sighting: Sheryl Crow”

  1. iradeum Says:

    Lol, man, is she an ordinary person or? Tell me more bout her.

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