It’s Time To Enshrine The Stooges!


The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is really a joke if they don’t get the Stooges in there.  Quick.  I don’t have to tell you about the influence that Iggy Pop, Ron and Scott Asheton, Dave Alexander and their various replacements have had on rock and roll.  Way back when everyone was gettin’ down with peace and love, the Stooges roared out of the Detroit ghetto with a rock sound that could only be called punk rock.

Their story is very familiar: they’ve been nominated to the Rock Hall six times – and rejected six times.  Even Madonna supports their induction – Madonna!

Instead of recounting their history, let me tell about my encounter with the Stooges, at South by Southwest in Austin, 2007.  They were easily the most anticipated act of the conference that year – they were gonna play a showcase at Stubb’s BBQ (tickets? forget it) but they had a few appearances and performances scheduled around town the day before.  They were scheduled to play a short set for KEXP radio on the soundstage of “Austin City Limits” and an in-store at the famous Waterloo Records.   We opted for the Waterloo show – but when we got there about two hours early, the parking lot was already littered with nearly a thousand people clamoring to see Iggy and Co.

The Stooges at Waterloo Records, 2007

One of the record store employees had a bullhorn and told people they would have to line up – but not now … when I tell you … one of those kinds of things.  Anyway, he gave the word and we all jumped in line behind him.  Apparently somebody wailed to the city about too many people in the store violating fire codes and Waterloo had no choice but to limit the Stooges in-store audience to about 250.  Luckily, my son and I were just a little over 100 deep in the line.

So when Iggy hits the stage, it’s with a bang: kicking in to “Trollin'” from their new album The Weirdness, the Stooges ignited some righteous rock fire.  Guitarist Ron Asheton and brother Scott “Rock Action” on drums can really bring the thunder.  Iggy ripped off his shirt just a minute into the performance (naturally) and even went outside to serenade the unlucky folks who couldn’t get in.  My son, who was about to turn 13, said later he’s never seen anything like it.  And I agree – the whole circus atmosphere and the incendiary performance reminded me of seeing the Sex Pistols in San Antonio almost 30 years before.  So what’s the deal, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?  No shirt, no service?  The Stooges are authentic rock and rollers!

Today we give you some rare Stooges: “Search And Destroy,” the original Raw Power Bowie mix on a single; a Japanese-only track from The Weirdness; and a link to NPR’s site where you can listen to or download the entire four-song set from SXSW.  And there’s a video I shot, just about 30 seconds, of the in-store; we’ve also provided a YouTube link to a really amusing video some guy did on the same day.

MP3: “Search And Destroy” (45 single from Raw Power)

MP3: “TV Eye” (alternate version from Fun House)

MP3: “O Sole Mio” (bonus track from The Weirdness)

KEXP live performance: The Stooges at SXSW, 2007 (NPR website)

YouTube: Chuckumentary’s amusing video about The Stooges at SXSW

My crappy video from Waterloo Records:

One Response to “It’s Time To Enshrine The Stooges!”

  1. dkpresents Says:

    Here here! Put the lads in for cripes sake!!!

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