Got Them Ol’ Gustav Blues

Well, here we go again – a storm is threatening Louisiana (or Texas – who knows?).  This week is the anniversary of Katrina’s visit to New Orleans three years ago; let’s hope our Republican friends gathering up in Minnesota next week remember to pay attention to the little sprinkle someone along the Gulf Coast is bound to get.

Here are some reminders:

MP3: “Talkin’ Bout New Orleans” by The Meters

MP3: “Cast Your Fate To The Wind” by Allen Toussaint

MP3: “What’s Going On” by Dirty Dozen Brass Band with Chuck D

MP3: “Fortunate Son” by the New Orleans Social Club

MP3: “Hurricane” by Levon Helm

MP3: “God Forsaken Town” by Reckless Kelly

MP3: “Children Of The Storm” by Mudcrutch

MP3: “Louisiana 1927” by Randy Newman

One Response to “Got Them Ol’ Gustav Blues”

  1. fullerama Says:

    Love the map. Nice Mardi Gras colors on Louisiana. Nice assortment of tunes, too.

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