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Rock Star Sighting: Sterling Morrison, Velvet Underground

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I used play in a band called The Surrealtors. Back in 1990, we had a semi-regular gig at a Houston taqueria called “La Jaliscience” in the Montrose-area of town. We called this place “the wall of cheese.” Put it this way, if you ate there late at night, not only would you not be able to sleep, you would probably spend much of the next day in, lets say, severe discomfort calling out for Mommy. 

Anyway, The Surrealtors used to play stupid covers. “Come on Get Happy” (yes, the Partridge Family song), YMCA, at times, it was brutal. However, we did do some pretty good tunes every now and then like “Can’t Get it Out of My Head” by ELO. One night we were coming to the end of another long night when this tall guy with food hanging out of his mouth said “Man, you guys really nailed that ELO song.” “Thanks,” I said. “Would you like to be on our mailing list?” He said “Sure, my name is Sterling Morrison.”

All three of us looked at each other like “that name sounds familiar, but where have I heard it?” Once we figured he was one of the founding members of the Velvet Underground, he was gone. He was working as a tug boat captain in Houston and why he picked that place to eat, I’ll never know. He never did come to a gig, but it was cool to have someone of his stature say “we nailed” something. You just never know who is watching.

MP3: “All Tomorrow’s Parties” by the Velvet Underground & Nico

MP3: “I’m Waiting For The Man” by the Velvet Underground

Sterling Morrison Tribute Page

YouTube: “Sweet Jane”  by the Velvet Underground

Streamin’ Bob Dylan

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Bob Dylan’s new album of outtakes and unreleased tunes, Tell Tale Signs, will be released on October 7, but you can listen to the entire album beginning at midnight tonight (Sept. 30) at NPR Music

Tell Tale Signs is the eighth installment in Dylan’s “Bootleg Series,” and features previously unreleased recordings, live performances and alternate versions of songs recorded during sessions for some of his most acclaimed albums, Oh Mercy and Time Out of Mind among them. Also included on the album are Dylan’s recordings for the soundtracks of the films Lucky You, Gods & Generals and North Country, and “32-20 Blues,” his first ever release of a Robert Johnson song.

Stream Tell Tale Signs at NPR Music

Bob Dylan official website

Review: “Live In Gdansk,” David Gilmour

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Recorded during the 2006 tour for David Gilmour’s On An Island, the new Live in Gdansk relives some of the best moments of Gilmour’s solo work and dips deeply into the Pink Floyd catalog with a few surprises tossed in.  This two-disc set was recorded at Poland’s Gdansk Shipyards, the spiritual holy ground for that country’s freedom movement, with a full philharmonic orchestra.   Not that you’d notice – the versions here closely approximate what you’d hear on the studio cuts, but they are impeccably played here.  This is not a bad set at all … disc 2 is completely Pink Floyd, and Gilmour dusts off the psychedelic “Astronomy Domine” and “Fat Old Sun” as great surprises in the set list and tops those with a 25-minute version of the classic “Echoes.”  Awesome.  A couple more, “High Hopes” and “A Great Day For Freedom,” are from the latter-day Floyd (without Roger Waters) but they fit well in this company.  And this album is worth having because it is most likely the last recorded appearance of Richard Wright, original Pink Floyd keyboardist, who is part of the band for this memorable concert. 

MP3: “A Great Day For Freedom” (live)

David Gilmour official website

30 Days Out Exclusive Interview: Alan O’Day, Pt. 2

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Singer/songwriter Alan O’Day and I struck up a bit of an e-mail friendship after I make a wise crack (all in fun) about his smash hit “Undercover Angel” in a post a few months ago. Well, it turns out he’s a very good sport and he’s still making music. He was nice enough to answer a few questions for us about his latest release I Hear Voices.


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Review: “Gift of Screws,” Lindsey Buckingham

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It usually takes Lindsey Buckingham years to put out a solo album, so when I heard he was putting out another collection of tunes just two years after his last great effort, Under the Skin, I was pleasantly surprised. This latest effort, Gift of Screws, once again features Buckingham’s incredible songwriting and his unique guitar style.

While his last collection was acoustic, this one rocks. The opening track, “Great Day,” features a smoking guitar solo. “Did You Miss Me,” is a classic pop tune and “Love Runs Deeper,” has a great chorus. “Bel Air Rain” shows off Buckingham’s incredible acoustic stylings and sounds like it would have fit perfectly on his 1980s effort, Go Insane. The dark “Wait for You” has a great chorus and “The Right Time to Fade” is taken right out of the Fleetwood Mac songbook and both tunes feature John McVie on bass and grumpy drummer Mick Fleetwood (the reason I say he is “grumpy” is because the time I met him he looked at me like I just stole his cookie). “Gift of Screws” sounds like an old-fashioned rocker and “Underground” is nice smooth sounding “lay in a hammock on a Saturday afternoon-type” song.

Gift of Screws is Buckingham’s finest hour as a solo artist. While he’s had some great moments on his other collections, there isn’t a bad song here. Even the cover is great … he has the “just take the damn picture you jerk off” look. It must have been the same photographer that took Springsteen’s picture for the Magic cover.

MP3: “Did You Miss Me

MP3: “The Right Time to Fade

YouTube: Wait for You

Lindsey Buckingham Official Website

Lights Out: When the Lights Went Out in Southeast Texas

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Hurricane Ike brought its power to Southeast Texas on Sept. 13 and knocked out power to more than two million people in the Houston area alone. I just got power back last night. Eleven days and nights of sweat, humidity, mosquitoes, candles, flashlights and the sound of generators that roared through the neighborhood like a NASCAR race.  More than 500,000 are still without power and are probably ready to either kill someone or ripe for the insane asylum.

The best things to come out of my 11 days in the dark were that my kids learned how to play outside, we met a few neighbors that we didn’t know existed and we had more family time. That being said….I’m glad the lights are back on.  Have you ever tried to shave in the dark?  Not recommended.

YouTube: “Lights Out” by Peter Wolf

YouTube: “Dancing in the Dark” by Bruce Springsteen

YouTube: “Electric Avenue”  by Eddy Grant

YouTube: “Power to the People” by John Lennon

YouTube: “You’ve Got the Power”  by Electric Company

Free Download Alert! – “Yankee Stadium,” Nils Lofgren

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Our friends at Backstreets have a story about Nils Lofgren’s new song “Yankee Stadium,” an ode to the final season at The House that Ruth Built. You can download it (and many other tracks) for free at We will also offer it here until Friday. Nils’ solo work is really quite good. “Valentine,” a duet with Springsteen, “Secrets in the Street,” and the live acoustic version of “Black Books” on the Sopranos 2 soundtrack are perfect examples.

MP3: “Yankee Stadium

MP3: “Black Books

Classic Rockers, Fall 2008

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The fall is here and the time is right for dancin’ to the sounds of some classic rock.   A handful of new releases (and one older one) are here for your perusal today. 

Let’s start with The Cosmos Rocks by Queen + Paul Rodgers, as they are calling themselves.  Of course, you know Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury died in 1991 and since 2005 the remaining group members (Brian May, guitar; Roger Taylor, drums) have been performing with singer Paul Rodgers (Free, Bad Company).  The Cosmos Rocks kinda sounds like Queen, kinda sounds like Bad Company, and it’s a pretty good effort.  “Cosmos Rockin’,” which kicks off the album, indeed rocks, as does the single “C-Lebrity” (written by Roger Taylor and with background vocals from the Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins).   One of my favorites is “Call Me,” a loping country-rock goof with a lead guitar part lifted straight out of “Killer Queen.”  Rodgers fits right in with this band, the album is great – we shall see them on tour later this fall.

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Cool Covers: Everlast

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Everlast is a rapper and songwriter best known for his guest appearance on Santana’s 1999 smash Supernatural, singing “Put Your Lights On.”  The former frontman for House Of Pain had his own hit album Whitey Ford Sings The Blues (1998) but his subsequent efforts have not been as popular.  His new album Love, War and the Ghost of Whitey Ford has a cover of Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues.”  Everlast’s version puts his vocal and instrumentation over a sample of those Cypress Hill “Insane In The Brain” kinda beats. 

MP3: “Folsom Prison Blues” by Johnny Cash

MP3: “Folsom Prison Blues” by Everlast

Everlast on Martyr Records official website


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Today is National Talk Like a Pirate Day.  Talk like a pirate all day and if you can, walk around on one leg.  Lambchop, a band from Nashville, has capitalized on the fad that’s sweeping the nation with the imaginatively titled “National Talk Like A Pirate Day.”  You can listen to it here.

Talk Like A Pirate

Lambchop official website