Review: “Yes We Can,” Maria Muldaur

“Give Peace a Chance,” “Bring ‘Em Home,” “Blowin’ in the Wind,” “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?,” and the list goes on and on.  None of them brought an end to war or violence, but they did make the artists a pretty penny.  What is the point of these records?  Do the artists really think they are going to make a difference?  Some probably do … just ask Maria Muldaur.

Muldaur, who hit number six in 1974 with “Midnight at the Oasis,” recently released Yes We Can, a record of touchy-feely anti-war tunes featuring the likes of Joan Baez, Odetta, Bonnie Raitt, Phoebe Snow, and of course, Jane Fonda. Oh and don’t forget the Women’s Voices for Peace Choir. Holy Sh**, Batman. Can a plea for donations to the “Human Fund” be far behind?

These ladies wind their way through tunes like “Make a Better World,” Marvin Gaye’s “Inner City Blues,” Bob Dylan’s “Masters of War,” “License to Kill,” and “John Brown,” Garth Brooks’ “We Shall Be Free,” and “War,” which has been turned into a slow whatever.  Edwin Starr is spinning.

“What is on my heart and mind is the sad, deplorable condition of our planet today,” Muldaur explains on her record company website. “War, global climate change, massive debt and economic crisis, increasing food shortages, nuclear proliferation, genocide, and my ever-growing frustration with our leaders. If things in this world continue the way they are, there soon won’t be any people to make romance and babies, and no life-sustaining place to do so either.”

There is nothing wrong with her way of thinking, just don’t sing about it.  This is not a good collection. If you want to hear these fine songs, listen to the original versions.  This is landfill material.

MP3: “War

MP3: “Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)

YouTube: “Midnight at the Oasis

Maria Muldaur Official Website

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