Hurricane Ike: Here We Blow Again!

The hurricane flags are up and it looks as though this corner of the Texas coast is in for a good blow, courtesy of Hurricane Ike.  The forecasting folks are suggesting this might be a Category 2 or 3, which means it’s strong enough to knock down your house but nowhere near powerful enough to blow away one of those idiot TV reporters.  Tropical storm winds are already starting to blow over Galveston Island, and as an exclusive scoop on all the media, check out our photo at right of the first hurricane damage in Texas.

I thought we’d be safe from Ike, but then I found out that Tina Turner is planning to visit Houston in October.  So we know what to expect …  Anyway, I’m going to go out and tie down the lawn furniture and the dog, and hope that Ike cuts us a little slack.  See you on the flip side of the storm!

MP3: “Getting Nasty” by Ike Turner and the Kings of Rhythm

MP3: “Blowin’ Like A Bandit” by Asleep At The Wheel

MP3: “Hurricane Blues” by The Shiners

MP3: “Trying To Reason With Hurricane Season” by Jimmy Buffett

MP3: “Howlin’ Wind” (live) by Graham Parker

MP3: “Ill Wind” by Billie Holiday

MP3: “The Sky Is Crying” by Stevie Ray Vaughan

MP3: “Stormy Weather” by Joni Mitchell

MP3: “Texas Tornado” by Doug Sahm

MP3: “Hurricane Waters” by Citizen Cope

MP3: “Idiot Wind” by Bob Dylan

MP3: “The Wind Cries Mary” by the Jimi Hendrix Experience

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