Review: “Gift of Screws,” Lindsey Buckingham

It usually takes Lindsey Buckingham years to put out a solo album, so when I heard he was putting out another collection of tunes just two years after his last great effort, Under the Skin, I was pleasantly surprised. This latest effort, Gift of Screws, once again features Buckingham’s incredible songwriting and his unique guitar style.

While his last collection was acoustic, this one rocks. The opening track, “Great Day,” features a smoking guitar solo. “Did You Miss Me,” is a classic pop tune and “Love Runs Deeper,” has a great chorus. “Bel Air Rain” shows off Buckingham’s incredible acoustic stylings and sounds like it would have fit perfectly on his 1980s effort, Go Insane. The dark “Wait for You” has a great chorus and “The Right Time to Fade” is taken right out of the Fleetwood Mac songbook and both tunes feature John McVie on bass and grumpy drummer Mick Fleetwood (the reason I say he is “grumpy” is because the time I met him he looked at me like I just stole his cookie). “Gift of Screws” sounds like an old-fashioned rocker and “Underground” is nice smooth sounding “lay in a hammock on a Saturday afternoon-type” song.

Gift of Screws is Buckingham’s finest hour as a solo artist. While he’s had some great moments on his other collections, there isn’t a bad song here. Even the cover is great … he has the “just take the damn picture you jerk off” look. It must have been the same photographer that took Springsteen’s picture for the Magic cover.

MP3: “Did You Miss Me

MP3: “The Right Time to Fade

YouTube: Wait for You

Lindsey Buckingham Official Website

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