30 Days Out Exclusive Interview: Alan O’Day, Pt. 2

Singer/songwriter Alan O’Day and I struck up a bit of an e-mail friendship after I make a wise crack (all in fun) about his smash hit “Undercover Angel” in a post a few months ago. Well, it turns out he’s a very good sport and he’s still making music. He was nice enough to answer a few questions for us about his latest release I Hear Voices.



30DaysOut: Tell us about the new album I Hear Voices.


AO: This project got its start about two years ago at my friend Denny Martin’s studio in Nashville, where I would often visit to produce “demos” of my new material and hire singers to put their voices on the tracks. For my own satisfaction, and as a guide for the studio singers, I would sometimes take a shot at doing my own vocal version of the song on another track.


With more and more “legacy artists” re-emerging with new successful albums, and with the current climate more open to “indie” contributions, the timing feels perfect for this writer/performer to once again toss my hat in the ring.


These 14 songs move around from funk to retro to spiritual.  If you listen carefully, you’ll hear how much fun we were having creating this CD.  I think its the most “me” of any album of my career, and I can’t wait for you to hear it!


30DaysOut: Are these songs you have had for a while or are they brand new?


AO: These are all new songs, as far as being put on a CD, with the exception of two:  “Sylvia Funky,” which I’ve been performing for awhile, and “Please Don’t Believe Me,” which was previously released by Terry Sue Crawford.


30DaysOut: How do you get fans of “Undercover Angel” to listen to your new stuff?


AO: Well, you’re helping!  Also I’m spreading the word through magazine ads, syndicated interviews, internet radio, a new myspace site, sending out hundreds of personal emails to fans, and doing some praying.


30DaysOut: Are you going on tour?


AO: I currently perform fairly often, at songwriter venues in L.A. and Nashville.  Also doing an oldies show in Jackson TN on Oct. 18th.  But if the album takes off, I’ll be doing a lot more!


30DaysOut: Any update on the release of your old material?


AO: Yes, some progress has been made. Barring any further complications, two of my 70s albums should be available in early 2009.


I Hear Voices is available now digitally and on CD at alanoday.com, as well as other outlets, and will be available on iTunes in the near future. You can check out audio clips on Alan’s MySpace page.


MP3: “Sylvia Funky” (clip)


MP3: “I Hear Voices” (clip)


Alan O’Day Official Website

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