Review: “Live In Gdansk,” David Gilmour

Recorded during the 2006 tour for David Gilmour’s On An Island, the new Live in Gdansk relives some of the best moments of Gilmour’s solo work and dips deeply into the Pink Floyd catalog with a few surprises tossed in.  This two-disc set was recorded at Poland’s Gdansk Shipyards, the spiritual holy ground for that country’s freedom movement, with a full philharmonic orchestra.   Not that you’d notice – the versions here closely approximate what you’d hear on the studio cuts, but they are impeccably played here.  This is not a bad set at all … disc 2 is completely Pink Floyd, and Gilmour dusts off the psychedelic “Astronomy Domine” and “Fat Old Sun” as great surprises in the set list and tops those with a 25-minute version of the classic “Echoes.”  Awesome.  A couple more, “High Hopes” and “A Great Day For Freedom,” are from the latter-day Floyd (without Roger Waters) but they fit well in this company.  And this album is worth having because it is most likely the last recorded appearance of Richard Wright, original Pink Floyd keyboardist, who is part of the band for this memorable concert. 

MP3: “A Great Day For Freedom” (live)

David Gilmour official website

One Response to “Review: “Live In Gdansk,” David Gilmour”

  1. Memorable and historical concert!

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