Lost Classics! The Fabulous Poodles

“New Wave,” as it applied to music we heard in the United States from roughly 1978 through the early 1980s, was a highly relative term.  In some cases, New Wave was a convenient record label camouflage for bands who were actually punk.  And it served as a nice label to pin onto acts that nobody could pigeonhole.

Case in point: The Fabulous Poodles.  They weren’t really punk, in fact they were heavily influenced by ’60s bands like the Who and especially the Kinks.  The Poodles started out in 1975 as a novelty/comedy act and were known for their wild stage antics.  Their first album, in 1977, was produced by the Who’s bass player John Entwistle and the Fabulous Poodles (Frank Zappa apparently gave them the name) cut only two more albums, both produced by Muff Winwood.

The Fabs’ best-known song, “Mirror Star,” appeared on their second U.K. album but when it became a hit stateside the song became the title of their 1978 U.S. album on Epic Records.  The Poodles actually sold more records that year in the States than better-known bands the Jam and the Clash, and the Fabulous Poodles seemed to be on their way.  They toured the U.S. with the Ramones and another band incomprehensibly called “New Wave” – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

By 1980, the Fabulous Poodles had burned out and broken up.  For some unknown reason, the individual band members were not allowed to use their own names after the breakup; lead singer Tony De Meur now performs solo as Ronnie Golden.  “Mirror Star” is here along with some of their other hits, listen to “Work Shy,” and you can hear the strong influence of the Kinks.

MP3: “Mirror Star”

MP3: “Bionic Man”

MP3: “Work Shy”

MP3: “Chicago Boxcar (Boston Back)”

YouTube: “Mirror Star” on some British TV show

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