Review: “Certifiable,” The Police (CD/DVD)


I saw The Police in Houston last year and the first thing I thought as they were ripping through “Message in a Bottle” was “Man, I’m glad I didn’t pay $250 to sit on the floor.” Technically, the show was great. Sting had perfect pitch, everybody played well, but I can’t remember when I’ve been more bored watching a concert. Now, I get to re-live the monotony all over again on their latest live CD and DVD, Certifiable.

The disc, recorded live in Buenos Aires, features the same set list I saw at the Toyota Center, which right off the bat, turned me off. “Truth Hits Everybody” at half-speed is brutal. “When the World is Running Down” is sing-songy, “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” is boring, “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” sounds like it’s being done by the city’s best cover band. Shall I go on?

I’ve been a Police fan for more than 25 years and to say this is disappointing is an understatement. The only redeeming value might be for women who will feel a tingle when Sting speaks Spanish, but if I had to describe this collection in one word it would be “innecesario.”

MP3: “Truth Hits Everybody”

The Police Official Website

2 Responses to “Review: “Certifiable,” The Police (CD/DVD)”

  1. groovehouse Says:

    I have this and it sounds like Sting forgot how to sing for The Police.

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