Lost Classics! John Stewart


In the early 1970s, John Stewart was a leading, although unappreciated, practitioner of the country rock movement.  This singer-songwriter with the booming voice actually got his big break when he replaced Dave Guard in the Kingston Trio in 1961.  The Kingston Trio was one of the best-selling folk acts of the early ’60s, and Stewart toured and recorded with them until their breakup in 1967.

Stewart went solo and wrote songs for other people, most notably “Daydream Believer,” a big hit for the Monkees (and later, Anne Murray).  In the early ’70s he signed with RCA and in 1973 recorded Cannons In The Rain, critically acclaimed but not a hit.  Wingless Angels, from 1975, followed a similar pattern.

After signing with Robert Stigwood’s RSO records, Stewart befriended Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac.  Buckingham produced Stewart’s Bombs Away Dream Babies in 1979 and called upon many of his L.A. friends (including Stevie Nicks) to create John Stewart’s best-remembered album.  “Gold” went up to No. 5 on the pop charts, propelled by Buckingham-Nicks’ backing vocals, and “Lost Her In The Sun” and “Midnight Wind” were less successful followups.

Stewart wrote “Runaway Train” for Rosanne Cash and other songs, but he never saw the upper reaches of the pop charts again.  He kept performing up until his death in January 2008, of a massive stroke or brain aneurysm.

MP3: “Durango” (from Cannons In The Rain)

MP3: “Chilly Winds” (from Cannons In The Rain)

MP3: “Road Away” (from Cannons In The Rain)

MP3: “Wingless Angels” (from Wingless Angels)

MP3: “Survivors” (from Wingless Angels)

MP3: “Mazatlan/Adelita” (from Wingless Angels)

MP3: “Gold” (from Bombs Away Dream Babies)

MP3: “Lost Her In The Sun” (from Bombs Away Dream Babies)

MP3: “Midnight Wind” (from Bombs Away Dream Babies)

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