30 Days Out Exclusive Updated Interview: Tommy Farese, vocalist, Trans-Siberian Orchestra


A couple of months ago we interviewed Tommy Farese, one of the outstanding vocalists of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. The band has been on tour since the beginning of November, so we figured we would check in with Tommy again and find out about the tour and life on the road.

30 Days Out: You guys have been on the road for a month and half, how’s the tour going so far?

Tommy Farese: The Tour is going great, it always amazes me how many people come year after year and bring more friends and family with them! As you know we are doing a lot more matinees so it gets grueling at times, but it’s worth being tired for.

30 Days Out: What’s it like getting back together with the band after being apart for almost a year?

Tommy Farese: It’s like getting together with family that you see once a year, we just pick up where we left off the last time.

30 Days Out: Describe an average “show” day…

Tommy Farese: I wake up in a different place every day go to catering, then sound check, then get dressed for the check presentation (in Houston the group presents a check to the fareseSalvation Army before the show), then show time, then, of course, the meet and greet with fans, then head to the bus and leave for the next city. In between I try to catch up with family at home, my emails, and play lots of video games!  Very glamorous, lol!

30 Days Out: It has to be tough being away from home for such a long period of time. Do you guys get a chance to go home at all during the tour?

Tommy Farese: I try not to think about being so far from home and, of course, it’s difficult being gone.  The holidays are tough, we never get to go home when we are on tour unless it’s an emergency.

30 Days Out: Do you have a lot of the same people from the tour last year on the tour with you this year?

Tommy Farese: Yes, for the most part it’s the same lineup.  We have two new singers as well as a second violinitst.  Jeff Scott Soto is a great singer and Christie George is a breath of fresh air, both very talented.  Alison Zlotow is our new violinst also very talented and a great addition.  They swapped Anna Phoebe (she is a dynamic performer with a ton of energy) and Johnny Lee Middleton for the east coast players, Mark Wood and Chris Altenhoff.  It’s great playing with Mark again. I havent played with him since ’99 although we do miss Anna. Chris and I have played with her on projects so it was great having him play on the west coast.  He is a great bass player, It’s strange not having Johnny Lee with us because he’s been with the tour since the begining with the exception of one year that he took off. 

30 Days Out: Do you guys get requests from fans who want to hear a particular song? If so, I’d love to hear your rendition of “The Snow Came Down” this year.

Tommy Farese: We get requests from fans all the time and we love it, but for the most part it’s a management decision what gets played and what doesn’t. I’ll pass on your request to management. lol

30 Days Out: Last year Paul Rodgers (Bad Company, Queen) joined the band in Houston. Can we expect any special guests this year?

Tommy Farese: Yes, there are going to be special guests for both coasts (TSO has two tours going at the same time, one in the East and one in the West).  The East Coast is going to be VERY SURPRISED, and the West Coast will also love their guest.  And, no, don’t ask because I am not telling. 

We know Tommy is swamped with the tour, and we appreciate him taking the time to answer our questions. The TSO tour hits Houston on performance2Sunday, Dec. 28 for two shows. I’ll be there and have a review. We have also included a new TSO song, “Night Enchanted,” from the band’s upcoming disc of the same name.   And for a Christmas bonus, go here to get Jeff Scott Soto’s “We Wish You A Merry Xmas” with guitarist Bruce Kulick (KISS) and others from the album We Wish You A Metal Christmas And A Headbanging New Year.

Tommy Farese Official Website

MP3: “The Snow Came Down” (featuring Tommy Farese on vocals)

MP3: “This Christmas Day” (featuring Tommy Farese on vocals)

 MP3: “Ornament” (featuring Tommy Farese on vocals)

MP3: “Night Enchanted”

This Christmas Day

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