Lost Classic! Bushwick Bill


Best known as the dwarf dude from Houston’s Geto Boys, Bushwick Bill put out a solo album in 1998 called No Surrender … No Retreat.   It had the usual kind of gangsta rap stuff, including the soulful love ballad “My Bitch.”   Bill tells his lover “you gonna be my bitch tonight,” and his lover responds, “you gonna be my pimp tonight.”

The Geto Boys started in the late 1980s in Houston, Texas, and the trio included Bill, Scarface and Willie D.  Famously, the cover photo from the group’s third album We Can’t Be Stopped album-coverwas taken in a Houston hospital after Bushwick Bill was accidentally (or not) shot in the face, destroying his right eye.   In the early 1990s American politicians and media whores attacked gangsta music, including that of Ice-T and the 2 Live Crew, as violent and race-baiting.  The Geto Boys re-emerged in 1999 with two songs on the soundtrack of the cult classic Office Space

Since his gangsta days, Bushwick Bill has since renounced his past and has supposedly become a born-again Christian, even releasing a Christian rap album called Testimony of Redemption.   However, he reunited with his Geto Boys bandmates in July 2008 and performed the old songs, so who knows?

“My Bitch” is not the greatest rap song ever – that would have to be this, by Bill’s Geto Boy-mate Willie D.  But it’s close, and if you even think that “My Bitch” is not NFSW (not safe for work), you are most certainly in the wrong place.

MP3: “My Bitch” by Bushwick Bill

Bushwick Bill’s MySpace page

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