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Lost Classics! – The Reivers

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Fitzgerald’s is a crusty old dive in The Heights section of Houston.  The white wood on its facade falling apart, the upstairs floor so weak you always felt like you were going to fall through, “Fitz” has seen its share of acts since opening its doors in 1977.  ZZ Top, Etta James, David Allan Coe. and even the “Godfather of Soul” James Brown are just a few who lit up the stage.

In the mid-80s, I was playing drums for The Surrealtors.  We were asked by the brass at Fitzgeralds to open for a band called The Reivers, a four-piece pop band from Austin.  We immediately went out and purchased their debut CD for Capitol Records called Saturday.  From the opening track, “What Am I Doing?,” I was hooked.  The rough male voice of lead singer and writer John Croslin, mixed with the beautiful soaring vocals of Kim Longacre, made for a unique and unforgettable blend. The songs had a lot of melody, jangly guitars and a raw energy reminiscent of early R.E.M.  I saw them about 10 times during a two-year period and every show was better than the last one.

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The Ads You Won’t See on Super Sunday

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You will NOT see these ads during Sunday’s Super Bowl telecast:


John Lydon (in a bathrobe) hawking Country Life butter

These videos and much more at blog

Springsteen and the E Street Band talk Super Bowl

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Bruce and the band actually did a press conference yesterday. One of the reporters brought up the fact that it was the first one Bruce has been a part of since the Human Rights Now Tour in 1988. Anyway, a few things we found out were that the Working On A Dream Tour will apparently continue in the U.S. after the Aug. 2 gig in Spain and that Bruce knows nothing about football. He said when he hears the words Pittsburgh Steelers he still thinks about Terry Bradshaw. What he does know is music and he promises a rockin’ 12-minute show on Sunday. Check out the press conference here. Also, check out Bruce on “Mad Dog Radio” on Sirius/XM Radio.

Video: “Kingdom of Days,” Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

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Here’s the video for “Kingdom of Days,” another excellent track off Working On A Dream.

Rock Moment: Roger Miller

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The work of Roger Miller always seems, to me, a product of its place and time; so that’s why he’s a “Rock Moment.”  Miller was a singer and songwriter in the mid-1960s, and for lack of a better description he was a country artist.  But his music wasn’t that easy to pigeonhole.  He first hit the charts in 1964 with a ditty called “Dang Me,” which was a Top 10 pop and country hit.  He always looked pretty straight for the times, but songs like “My Uncle Used To Love Me (But She Died)” were really out there.

Of course, his biggest hit was “King Of The Road” in 1965, and it was an unusual song for its time and place.  Miller’s song is about a bum who nevertheless feels like a king because he has his freedom.  The song’s irony and humor is natural and unforced, and Miller painted a vivid character sketch in just a few simple phrases – just the sort of thing that writers like John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson and Bruce Springsteen would be heralded for in later years. 

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Lynyrd Skynyrd keyboardist dies

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Lynyrd Skynyrd keyboardist Billy Powell died last night at age 56. The cause of death is unknown. Powell went from roadie to keyboardist for the mega-popular southern rock band from Jacksonville, FL. He got the gig after late lead singer Ronnie Van Zant  heard him play “Free Bird.”  

No matter what you think about Lynyrd Skynyrd, Powell’s keyboard work was great on the aformentioned “Free Bird,” “Sweet Home Alabama,” “What’s Your Name?” and tons of other hits. He will definitely be missed.

The band will have more information later today on their website.

YouTube: “Free Bird” – Lynyrd Skynyrd

YouTube: “Sweet Home Alabama’ – Lynyrd Skynyrd

Read the Rider, and the Beach Boys Are Yours!

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Editors’ Note: The following was written by our L.A. correspondent Randy Fuller, who has worked in radio for nearly three decades.  We have tacked on a few tunes from the Beach Boys’ late period and a rare radio promo from Brian Wilson.

Summer Classics ’85 was the name of a big promotion run by my radio station of the time back in Southeast Texas. Well, that was the short name.  In the whorish halls of radio, everything that’s not bolted to the floor gets sold, and this promotion was sold to a soft drink manufacturer.  The KKMY Dr. Pepper Summer Classics.  We didn’t refer to it as “85” since we had never done one before, hence no reason to distinguish it.  That would come in ’86, but that’s another story.

To the listener, Summer Classics ’85 amounted to a three-month long binge of promotional announcements, songs and commercials strung between remote broadcasts.  The whole thing culminated with a big outdoor concert by the Beach Boys at the college football stadium in Beaumont, Texas.  Following are a few of the stipulations, requests and outright demands made by the Kings of Summer Fun in their contract rider.  My memory was never much good, and presently it ain’t what it used to be, so I am relying on the memory of an insider at the time who shall remain nameless.  We’ll call him “Deep Golden Throat.”

The contract that brought the Beach Boys to Beaumont was a pretty standard affair, with some peculiar particulars. I understand this is the norm in the rock and roll concert bidness.

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