Neko Case is blogging for charity!


30 Days Out reviews Middle Cyclone by Neko Case

Singer-songwriter Neko Case is going to the blogs for charity.  The first single from her forthcoming album Middle Cyclone is available for free download.  “People Got A Lotta Nerve,” from the new album coming out March 3, is the song we’re talking about. 

For every blog that posts the song, Neko and her record label (Anti-) will make a $5 donation benefiting Best Friends Animal Society, one of the country’s top animal rescue organizations.  Founded in 1984, Best Friends works with shelter and rescue groups around the country.  On any given day the Best Friends sanctuary in southwestern Utah houses approximately 2,000 dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, birds and other animals.

And for every iLike user who adds the new song to his or her profile, Neko will make a one dollar donation to the cause.  Nice deal, eh?

MP3: “People Got A Lotta Nerve”  (Anti- Records blog)

Best Friends Animal Society website

Neko Case official website

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