Friday Is Boss’ Day: Super Bowl setlist odds


Hey, there's Al Michaels!

With Super Bowl XLIII still two weeks away, even the actual outcome of the game is less in doubt than the songs that Bruce Springsteen will select to perform at halftime. (OK, we’re figuring Steelers over the Eagles.)  The real setlist is of course a closely guarded secret, and there are conflicting reports about the amount of time Springsteen and the E Street Band are allotted to perform. 

So this being the Super Bowl, and America, let’s turn this into a gambling opportunity.  We could make up squares and have people toss some money into a pot, or come up with an over-under on the length of the halftime.  But we’ll leave that up to you – instead let’s examine some of the most likely choices, and we won’t worry about the order.

Working On A Dream” – Odds:  Even.  That’s the title of Springsteen’s new album and his love song for the new tenant in the White House.

Born To Run” – Odds: 2-1.  Possibly Springsteen’s best-known song, from his best album.  Also some timely advice for the Steelers if Rothlisberger happens to throw a few picks in the first half.


It ain't no sin to go for it on fourth down!

The Rising”  – Odds: 4-1.  The feel-good song that tried to make everybody feel good after 9-11.  Warning: it could fire up the Eagles if they’re down by a touchdown.

Glory Days” – Odds: 5-1.  Would be hilarious if a film of the New England Patriots accompanied the song.  But it’s about baseball, anyway.

Rosalita” – Odds: 6-1.  Hey, it’s the first track on the new Greatest Hits album (available only at Wal-Mart).   Then he could follow it with “Queen Of The Supermarket.”

Radio Nowhere” – Odds: 7-1.  A tribute to the presidency of George W. Bush.

My Lucky Day” – Odds: 8-1.  Only if Kurt Warner and the Cardinals win the NFC title.

Born In The USA” – Odds: 9-1.  Dedicated to Garo Yepremian, Jan Stenerud, Toni Fritsch, Pete Gogolak, etc.

10th Avenue Freezeout” – Odds: 10-1.  To be retitled “blowout” if the Steelers lead by 24 at the half.

Darkness On The Edge Of Town” – Odds: 20-1.   Ravens vs. Cardinals.

Out In The Street” – Odds: 50-1.  Dedicated to Herm Edwards (Chiefs), Rod Marinelli (Lions) and Tony Dungy (Colts).  Although Tony retired. 

Badlands” – Odds: 75-1.  Dedicated to Plaxico Burress, Pacman Jones and Chris Henry (Bengals) with a shout out to Michael Vick. 

Outlaw Pete” – Odds: 1,000-1.  While millions watch in horror, guest performers Sting and Faith Hill trade verses with Bruce on this modern-day classic.  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. 

So there you go … have a beer and some chicken wings for me!

Check out a story about the “Working On A Dream” media blitz in today’s Wall Street Journal.

Bruce Springsteen official website 

NFL Super Bowl halftime website

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