Lost Classics! – The Reivers


Fitzgerald’s is a crusty old dive in The Heights section of Houston.  The white wood on its facade falling apart, the upstairs floor so weak you always felt like you were going to fall through, “Fitz” has seen its share of acts since opening its doors in 1977.  ZZ Top, Etta James, David Allan Coe. and even the “Godfather of Soul” James Brown are just a few who lit up the stage.

In the mid-80s, I was playing drums for The Surrealtors.  We were asked by the brass at Fitzgeralds to open for a band called The Reivers, a four-piece pop band from Austin.  We immediately went out and purchased their debut CD for Capitol Records called Saturday.  From the opening track, “What Am I Doing?,” I was hooked.  The rough male voice of lead singer and writer John Croslin, mixed with the beautiful soaring vocals of Kim Longacre, made for a unique and unforgettable blend. The songs had a lot of melody, jangly guitars and a raw energy reminiscent of early R.E.M.  I saw them about 10 times during a two-year period and every show was better than the last one.

Formed in 1984 under the name Zeitgeist (they changed it to The Reivers in 1987 after being threatened with a lawsuit) they found an audience on college radio and played to packed houses on the East Coast. Then the big label, Capitol, came calling. They hired Don Dixon (R.E.M.) to produce and the band felt like it was on its way. However, while they received critical acclaim, the audience, outside of Austin and Texas, never came and after one more album for Capitol, End of the Day in1989, and one more for DB, Pop Beloved, in 1991, the band decided to call it quits.

The Reivers is one of those great bands, who for unknown reasons, couldn’t find the big audience they deserved. However, there’s a bit of thereivers31good news, last year original members, Croslin, Longacre, drummer Garrett Williams and bassist Cindy Toth, played a couple of sold-out reunion shows in Austin and have now gotten back together under the name Right or Happy.

The Reivers MySpace page

Mp3: “What Am I Doing?”

MP3: “End of the Day”

MP3: “Keep Me Guessing”

MP3: “In Your Eyes”

2 Responses to “Lost Classics! – The Reivers”

  1. Lori Croslin Delaney Says:

    Just looking through the computer for other Croslin’s that I haven’t met. My name is Lori Croslin Delaney and I was 1 of 4 kids born in Dallas, TX. Howdy, to a fellow Croslin.

  2. Thank you for recognizing this band which I have loved since they were Zeitgeist (I have the cassette tape of Translate Slowly to prove it). I also lamented that they never got the following that they deserved. I hope the internet will rectify that crime and give them a second life and a new generation of followers.

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