Dog Days, Beer Days


I always hate that dead period in American sports – the weeks between the Super Bowl and the beginning of baseball season.  There’s always basketball, but the local team is the Rockets – well, you see my point.

Oh, there are plenty of things to distract us until the first week of April: down here we have the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, various Mardi Gras celebrations, South by Southwest over in Austin and this year only, the big ol’ Wrestlemania 25 event in Reliant Stadium.  (By the way, the publicist for rockers AC/DC says they are NOT coming to Wrestlemania after all.  Bummer.)

So while all this stuff is goin’ on, we here in Texas have ample opportunity to enjoy our fine native beers.  Lone Star Beer, a perennial, I’ve written about before.  Today I want to offer some thoughts on my favorite, Shiner Bock.  Shiner is a little town located between Houston and Austin, in a region of Texas inhabited by many descendants of German immigrants.  For about 100 years they’ve brewed some mighty fine beer over in Shiner and this year they are celebrating their centennial with a new brew.

It’s called Commemorator or something, and although I haven’t yet tried it, I am sure it’s going to be just as good as Shiner Bock, the dark flagship brew for this company.  Commemorator is a starkbier, or a dopplebock.  If you know a German beer connoisseur, make him tell you what that means – I just know Shiner makes a tasty dark beer.  Their light beer ain’t so bad, either.

Now we’re still loyal to Lone Star – most Texans ls_wallpaper1_1280start out drinking Lone Star in kindergarten – but it helps to have some variety when you’re waiting for baseball season to start.  I know most of you reading this will never have a chance to put a liplock on a cold bottle of Shiner, being distant from Texas by geography, ideology or a court order.  But I’ll make a deal with you: give us a good thought, and I will drink a Shiner for each of you.  Starting this weekend.

Now let’s listen to some Texas music.

MP3: “Bad Liver And A Broken Heart” by Hayes Carll

MP3: “Amarillo Highway” by Robert Earl Keen

MP3: “Intoxication” by the Sir Douglas Quintet

MP3: “Viva Luckenbach” by Jerry Jeff Walker

MP3: “Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers” by ZZ Top

MP3: “Federales” by Joe “King” Carrasco & the Crowns

MP3: “Stupid Texas Song” by the Austin Lounge Lizards

MP3: “Let Her Dance” by Los Super Seven (feat. Joe Ely)

Shiner Beer official website (You must be 21 years old to enter)

Lone Star Beer official website (You must be 21 to enter here, too)

2 Responses to “Dog Days, Beer Days”

  1. Randy Fuller Says:

    As luck would have it, I get to sample Shiner Bock anytime I want in Los Angeles. The bar at the Famers Market carries it, if you can elbow your way past the fine degenerates that have been there since morning. Also, the Zeke’s Barbecue chain (in the Target Center on Santa Monica Boulevard) carries it. I’m sure they have many other locations around the country.

    BTW, I think dopplebock means “double bock.” Don’t quote me, but that would mean an even darker brew. Yum!

  2. 30daysout Says:

    Hey, I remember that place! But do they have Lone Star and Pearl?

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