Worst Nude Album Covers

Why men would get naked with other men then take a picture of the experience, put it on an album cover that will sit for years in a record store and now on iTunes for millions of people to see for years on end is beyond me….however, it’s happened quite a bit in music history. There are also a few women who should have probably kept their clothes on. Here are just a few of the worst nude album covers in history…


Orleans – Waking and Dreaming – You did a nice job waxing. Your arm sure does feel good on my chest. Cigarette?


Pablo Cruise – Lifeline – I would have loved to hear the photographer during the shoot. “Okay, you get behind him, and you put your hand on his leg. Perfect. Now give me that look like someone put you up to this.”


Steam – Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye – The Village People before the Village People.


The Handsome Beasts – Beastiality – That poor pig. Someone call PETA.


John Lennon & Yoko Ono – Two Virgins – Mommy make the bad people go away.


Millie Jackson – Back to the Sh*t – Nobody wants to see this anytime, anywhere.


Herbie Mann – Push Push – I’m guessing not in the bush.


Prince – Lovesexy – This is almost bad as the “assless” pants he wore on the MTV Awards in the early 90s.


Luke – In the Nude – I love Luther Campbell.

Next week: Some of the best nude album covers. Think Ohio Players.

One Response to “Worst Nude Album Covers”

  1. The images are kinda small and hard to appreciate -or not.

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