SXSW Report: One Last Look Back


Orange Is In under the trees at Guero's

Like we always do, we sort of just gave out around 7 p.m. on Saturday.  And that’s just when SXSW reaches its fever peak.  But ah, it was a good time once again.  Here’s a notebook of some of our favorite moments and observations from the weekend:

Why Didn’t We Think Of This Then?Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols, doing a promo for Best Buy’s musical instrument section, initially was at a loss for something entertaining to do.  We should’a asked them to set up Guitar Hero!  How would the ex-Pistol have done with the remake of “Anarchy In The U.K.”?  Well, punk rock karaoke with Jones on guitar turned out to be pretty good entertainment.


It's also kind of rude to photograph musicians from behind!

Rude Assholes:  Everywhere you go at SXSW there’s a line.  There was even a line to wash your hands in the men’s room at Threadgill’s.  But there’s a certain behavior that is particularly infuriating – we’re in line to grab a slice of pizza at Home Slice, and after the two chicks ahead of us we’re next.  Until … the two chicks greet their friends and after a few hugs the visitors are magically part of the line.  So in a span of five seconds, we’ve gone from third in line to ninth.  And no matter what you say, they just ignore you.  Like you are the asshole. 

Best Behavior Award No. 1:  My son was chillin’ at Jo’s Coffee Shop Friday night when a stranger approached him.  “Can I use your cell phone?” he asked.  “I left mine in a cab.”  The guy called his own phone and somehow that helped him retrieve it.  The next day my son received a text: “Thanks for helping me get back my cell phone.”

Randomly Hilarious Quote No. 1:  “Are you sure that’s a dude?”


Other Lives, in the hot sun

Weather Reports: “We’re not used to the heat” from Telekinesis singer/drummer Michael Lerner.  “Make sure you use sunscreen,” from Other Lives cellist Jenny Hsu.  It was a sunny 76 degrees that day.  Come visit Texas in August!

Science Lesson:  Sound drops off the farther away you get from its source.  For every two feet you move away, the sound becomes only one quarter as loud.  If you increase that distance to eight feet, then you will only hear 1/64th as loud.  Unless of course you’re Metallica at Stubb’s BBQ, in which case people can hear perfectly a full city block away.

Best Behavior Award No. 2:  Like every other band playing in Austin, Orange Is In sold CDs and t-shirts at their gig.  But unlike other bands, after the show was over lead singer George Kovacik picked up the unsold CDs and distributed them for free. 

Stupid Question No. 1:  “Who used to be in the Sex Pistols?”

Stupid Question No. 2:  “Are you supposed to be someone famous?”

The Most Amazing Thing I Saw All Weekend:  At the poorly publicized Steve Jones Best Buy store appearance, Michael Des Barres inexplicably showed up too.   Most people had no idea who he is but some guy nevertheless produced a Detective vinyl LP for Des Barres to autograph.

Most Rockin’ Band We Saw: The Hold Steady, hands down.  We also heard many raves about The Mother Hips, too.

MP3: “Run Towards The Warmth Of The Sun” by Orange Is In

MP3: “Coast Of Carolina” by Telekinesis

MP3: “End Of The Year” by Other Lives

MP3: “Mission In Vain” by the Mother Hips

3 Responses to “SXSW Report: One Last Look Back”

  1. I’m still bummed I missed The Hold Steady, but I saw a good bunch of acts and had a good time playing.

  2. We certainly agree about the Hold Steady being THE band of the whole thing. I don’t know which of the many shows they played was the one that you saw. I saw them Friday night at a packed Mohawk, while Metallica was playing at nearby Stubb’s, and there’s no place I’d rather have been. They played a simply stunning set.

  3. 30daysout Says:

    It was great seeing Ken Shane at SXSW and if you missed his coverage and great photos, check ’em out at We saw The Hold Steady at one of the afternoon parties and the energy they put out could power an entire city for a week.

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