It’s (more than) time to enshrine Neil Diamond!


Dusty Springfield, Del Shannon, Brenda Lee, Ritchie Valens, The Ronettes, the Dave Clark Five, The Dells and The Shirelles. These are just a few of the artists in the Rock and Roll of Fame while the great Neil Diamond stands outside the gates waiting to get in. Are you kidding me? How is it that I even have to write this blogpost?

Diamond is one of the most successful singer-songwriters in music history. He’s only sold nearly 160 million albums worldwide, and has penned some of the world’s most popular songs.

Diamond started out writing hit songs in the legendary Brill Building in New York City where he penned his first of many top 20 hits “Sunday and Me” for Jay and the Americans. “I’m A Believer,” and “A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You” for The Monkees followed. When he decided to become a solo artist he wrote and had hits with the following:

Solitary Man/Sweet Caroline/I Am, I Said/Cherry, Cherry/Kentucky Woman/Holly Holy/Cracklin’ Rosie/Song Sung Blue/Play Me/Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show/Red,200px-hot_august_night Red Wine (a number one hit for UB40), Longfellow Serenade, America/Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon/Shilo

…and the list goes on. In fact, “Sweet Caroline” has become such a popular sing along at sporting events that you can hear it during Boston Red Sox and New York Mets games. He also released one of the greatest live albums of all time, Hot August Night, in 1972.

With his hits as a songwriter and solo artist and his longevity in the music business, it’s unbelievable to me that Neil Diamond isn’t a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I’m sure most “critics” feel Diamond is too schmaltzy, but if the aforementioned artists are good enough to get in, how the hell can the voting committee leave Diamond out? You need to ask them…they do it every year.

Neil Diamond Official Website

MP3: Sweet Caroline (Live/Hot August Night)

MP3: Holly Holy (Live/Hot August Night)

3 Responses to “It’s (more than) time to enshrine Neil Diamond!”

  1. I photographed Neil back in the mid-80’s in concert. It was the most micro-managed concert shoot I ever did. I had a ‘handler’ meet me out side who proceeded to walk me to ‘my spot’ about halfway down an aisle on the floor. The show was already in full swing, women screaming and jumping up and down, singing along. I was instructed to kneel down on ONE knee only and shoot quickly since i got only one song. While I’m kneeling, women are standing in chairs but, heaven forbid, I blocked anyones view of Neil.
    It’s not been easy to be a fan of his. I wasn’t then and surely wasn’t afterwards. But now, all those songs I put down as schlock-meister crap? They’re in my head, part of my DNA and …pretty cool. Enshrine the dude. If I think he should be in the Hall with my feelings…

  2. Songwriters get short shrift generally in the HOF, and he squandered a lot of his rock and roll cred in his devolution into a middle-of-the-road act. I don’t think anyone who recorded with Barbra Streisand has been recognized, have they?

  3. Though I have enjoyed a few of Neil diamonds songs in the past I do not wish to see him in the Rock and Roll HOF simply because he is not rock and roll…As a matter of fact there are already too many non rock and roll acts in there as it is thereby watering down the honour.

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