We Met A Superhero!


Saturday was Free Comic Book Day and if you have a son or daughter you were probably hangin’ out at your local comic book shop snapping up some freebies.  There may have been some special guests, like a guy who writes or draws comics, signing his latest masterpiece.  Ah, but did your comic book shop have a real, live superhero?

Austin Books did – my son always wanted to do Free Comic Book Day at the venerable shop in Austin, Texas, so we hiked over there on Saturday morning.  This event was so popular there that they had a tent outside with all the free stuff, and a line snaking into the parking lot.  My son John lined up for his freebies, and I went inside the store to register for door prizes.

And inside, a superhero!  The Defuser, winner of the second season of the TV show “Who Wants To Be A Superhero?”  In person, in costume, and with a handful of stuff for him to sign (for 15 bucks a pop, proceeds going to charity).  The Defuser has the ability to stop crime and violence with non-lethal weaponry, and by applying his “enhanced” speed, strength, agility, reflexes, hearing and eyesight to thwart drug dealers, who are his mortal enemies.

The Defuser’s not-so-secret identity is Jarrett Crippen, and when he’s not wearing spandex he works as an Austin police detective.  The Defuser is very friendly and outgoing and it would seem that nonstop talking is one of his “enhanced” powers.  He talked about going to Bulgaria late last year to film a TV movie, Lightning Strikes, with Kevin Sorbo (“Hercules”) in the lead, and he talked to all the kids who wanted to come up and pose for photos with him.  He’s pretty genial for a cop, maybe even for a superhero.


The Defuser gets the evil eye from a comics fan

As we stood a few feet away from The Defuser, some comics geek walked by and muttered to his friend: “Just being close to that guy, I need to take a shower.”  If The Defuser’s “enhanced” hearing picked up that snarky comment, he didn’t react.  He was too busy signing his comic book and collecting money for his charity, Scare for a Cure. Every Halloween they operate a haunted house in Austin to help raise money for cancer patients and other cancer-related charities.

So dig this: cancer is just about the most formidable thing in the world today.  Hundreds of thousands of people die every year because of cancer, families are ripped apart and people with cancer lose their health and dignity.  You want something that could be considered a worldwide menace, like a super villain?  Here you go.  Anyone who actively fights cancer is a hero.  And anyone who is willing to put on a silly spandex outfit and go out to face public ridicule to help fight cancer is a hero.  Maybe even a super one.   

MP3: “(Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman” by the Kinks

MP3: “Superman” (live) by the Drive By Truckers

MP3: “Batman Theme” by the Sensational Guitars of Dan and Dale

MP3: “What’s Next To The Moon” by AC/DC  (with Superman and Lois Lane)

MP3: “Spider Man” (live) by the Ramones

MP3: “Blood On The Rooftops” by Genesis (Batman and Tarzan)

MP3: “Boy Wonder, I Love You” by Burt Ward (Robin on TV’s “Batman”)

MP3: “Superman” by R.E.M.

The Defuser’s official website

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  1. never expected a blog about comics to be so profound and meaningful. thanks guys.

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