Woodstock Veterans To Appear at 40th Anniversary

Well, they’re calling it “Heroes Of Woodstock,” or the “Bethel Woods Music Festival” – it depends on where you look.  But on Saturday, August 15, the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts in upstate New York will host a music festival on the grounds of the original 1969 Woodstock Music and Arts Festival.

The performers listed include the Levon Helm Band, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Ten Years After, Canned Heat, Mountain (with Leslie West and Corky Laing), and Country Joe McDonald.  They’re not going to have it in a wild, open field – this festival will be in the lavish Bethel Woods Center for the Arts amphitheatre built on a hill overlooking the original Woodstock site, a dairy farm that hosted 400,000 people on August 15-17, 1969.

And of course, it won’t be “free,” as Woodstock was for its final day in 1969.  Top tickets are $69 (get it?), there’s a $40 seat and lawn tickets on the grass are, of course, $19.69.  There is also a full museum on the site dedicated to the Woodstock festival and the era, and I’ve read that it’s pretty good. 

Bethel Center For The Arts official website


MP3: “The Weight” by the Band (live at Woodstock)

MP3: “Somebody To Love” by the Jefferson Airplane (live at Woodstock)

MP3: “Southbound Train” by Mountain (live at Woodstock)

MP3: “Try (Just A Little Bit Harder)” by Janis Joplin (live at Woodstock)

3 Responses to “Woodstock Veterans To Appear at 40th Anniversary”

  1. The last song (Try) is of course not by BIG BROTHER, but by Janis Joplin with backing band KOZMIC BLUES BAND – she had left BB in 1968.

  2. 30daysout Says:

    My gosh, m-f, you are right … and I should know this stuff. Janis Joplin went to my high school in Port Arthur, Texas, and even visited there during the first weeks of school in Sept. 1970. The selection, from the excellent CD Woodstock Diary, even credits it as Janis Joplin. It was just my carelessness late last night that mistakenly attributed the Woodstock performance to Big Brother. It’s been fixed, and thanks for the correction! See you at Woodstock!

  3. WoodstockStory.com is giving away free tickets to the Heroes of Woodstock show at the Bethel Woods Music Festival!

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