Friday is Boss’ Day: Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign


During last year’s Magic tour, Bruce Springsteen started taking requests from fans who brought homemade signs with them. It was a clever and very effective way of getting the audience involved.  The practice has grown during the current Working On A Dream Tour with hundreds of fans getting creative with their signs and ridiculous with their requests.

Springsteen is arguably one of the greatest songwriters in history with hundreds, if not thousands, of songs in his catalog.  However, it seems fans want to hear him play other people’s songs.  The band has ripped through covers like “I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide,” “London Calling,” and the most ridiculous one, “Hang On Sloopy.”  Why as a Springsteen fan would you pay $108 (including tax) for a ticket, $10 + for parking and want to hear “Hang On Sloopy?”  It doesn’t make any sense.

How about signs that read “New York City Serenade,” “Wreck On The Highway,” “Cover Me,” “Pink Cadillac,” “Restless Nights” or even a great track he’s never played before, “Missing.” Hell, how about something off Lucky Town or Working On A Dream like “My Lucky Day,” “This Life” or “The Last Carnival.”  I mean what’s next? (Our answer after the jump.)


Can “Oops I Did It Again” or “Boom Boom Pow” be far behind?


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“Hang On Sloopy” – Live in Greensboro

“London Calling” – Live in Philadelphia

4 Responses to “Friday is Boss’ Day: Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign”

  1. First of all, Sloopy is a great song. Second, the Boss just wants to have fun, good idea.

  2. Captain Blade Says:

    Louie Louie & Hang On Sloopy are both a damn sight better than any of the turgid crap that Springsteen has inflicted on us over the years!!

  3. I’d love to hear him bust out Britney Spears’ “Toxic” or Rhianna’s “Uhm-bah-rellah”.

  4. ahh, you must not have heard Bruce do Hang On cause it rocks..

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