Backyard Fireball: Barbecue Time! Again

Memorial Day is a couple weeks away, but here in Texas we’ve been barbecuing since … January.  I read somewhere that May is National Barbecue Month.  Like I need a reason to play loud music outdoors, drink beer and light fires.  Briskets – smoke ’em if you got ’em.

Actually, I am usually unsuccessful cooking brisketsBBQ sauce on a pit for some reason.  I’m hell on wheels when it comes to chicken, ribs, burgers/hot dogs and Earl Campbell sausage links.  Despite what Hank Hill says, I recommend a charcoal fire, some pecan or hickory wood for smoke and lots of Stubb’s barbecue sauce.

A backyard barbecue is so enjoyable that I do it at least two or three times a week.  Cookin’ meat on indirect heat (way off the coals, lid on the pit like an oven), a cold beer or five, the kids comin’ outside wondering why it takes two hours to burn four burgers.

Ah!  I can smell the smoke already.  Join us for a little barbecue, won’t you?

MP3: “Bar-B-Q” by Wendy Rene

MP3: “She Sells Good Meat” by Jimmie Gordon

MP3: “Barbecue Bess” by Lucille Bogan

MP3: “Barbecue” by Washboard Sam

MP3: “Bar-B-Q” by ZZ Top

MP3: “Barbecue” by ALO

MP3: “Texas Cookin’ ” by Guy Clark

MP3: “Live At The Barbecue” by Main Source

MP3: “The Meat Man” by the Jim Jones Revue

MP3: “Banana In Your Fruit Basket” by Bo Carter (for dessert)

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