Review: The Jim Jones Revue



1. Obtain CD.

2. Play Loud.

3. Stand Back.

4. No, I mean it.  Stand Back.

5. Do Not Adjust Your Set.

6. Do Not Listen On Headphones.  (Brain Damage Danger)

7. Apologize To Family, Friends, Neighbors, Pets.  Or Not.

8.  Drink Beer, Repeat.

9. Play Again.

Holy crap, this is rock and roll!

MP3:  “Who’s Got Mine?”

The Jim Jones Revue MySpace page

The Jim Jones Revue official website

3 Responses to “Review: The Jim Jones Revue”

  1. MC5 meets ‘the killer’ music to make anyone proud. It brought life back to me.

  2. planetgrl Says:


    Great review, absolutely summed it up for me: can’t stop playing it.
    This band kills live! Go & see…

  3. boringestblog Says:

    This was basically the entire thought process that went through my head the first time I heard the ‘Revue. Simply amazing, and thanks for the fun review!

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