Ian McLagan on David Letterman Show


Ian McLagan, one of our all-time favorite classic rockers, will take his Bump Band to New York for an appearance tonight on the “Late Show with David Letterman.”  Mac is promoting his latest album Never Say Never, and he may or may not reunite with the rest of the Faces this year.  McLagan plays a free happy hour weekly at Austin’s Lucky Lounge, which is one of the biggest bargains in the country.  Ian McLagan is a great musician and a truly sweet soul, check him out if you ever get a chance.

UPDATE: Ian and the Bump Band appeared with special guest Patty Griffin, while the “Fire David Letterman” rally raged outside the studio.  They performed the title song from Ian and the Bump Band’s new album Never Say Never.  Go here for a show recap. 

UPDATE 2: They finally posted the video here.

MP3: “Rock Me” by the Faces

Ian McLagan’s MySpace page (stream music here)

3 Responses to “Ian McLagan on David Letterman Show”

  1. Just want to second your opinion on Ian. I’ve had the chance to see him perform twice in the last few months, and I’ve also interviewed him. He is a great musician, and one of the nicest people you can speak with. I hope everyone watches him on Letterman tonight.

  2. Dear 30 Days Out,

    Thanks so much for getting the word out and spreading some Bump love to your readers! The Late Show performance is now up on Youtube:

  3. 30daysout Says:

    Thanks, Lynne! Lynne is the mastermind behind Ian McLagan’s excellent official website at: http://www.ianmclagan.com/

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