Sunny Surfin’ Summer Stuff


We’re slavin’ on a big project at work and it’s too damn hot to be writing blog posts anyway!  So we’re gonna slap on a recycled photo (I’m not hearing any complaints) and just lay on ya some summer, surfin’ kind of stuff.  Keep cool!

MP3: “Moment Of Truth” by the Surf Teens

MP3: “C’mon And Swim” by Bobby Freeman

MP3: “Barracuda” by the Standells

MP3: “All Summer Long” by the Beach Boys

MP3: “Big Surf” by Glen Mooney

MP3: “Let’s Go To The Beach” by Larry & the Loafers

MP3: “Tell ‘Em I’m Surfin’ ” by the Fantastic Baggys

MP3: “Summer Time Is Surfin’ Time” by the Surf Bunnies

MP3: “California Sun” by the LeRoi Brothers

MP3: “King Of The Surf” by the Trashmen

MP3: “Rockaway Beach” by the Ramones

MP3: “Summer On Signal Hill” by Killer Joe

2 Responses to “Sunny Surfin’ Summer Stuff”

  1. shadreck Says:

    A great little collection.Thanks

  2. Great music, but not as great as the photo.

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